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Three Simple Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself

Do you encourage your friends to celebrate themselves and treat their bodies with kindness, only to turn around and do the exact opposite for yourself? The truth is, the reason we don’t practice self-care isn’t that we don’t appreciate its value; it’s because we don’t value ourselves.  However, you don’t have to love yourself to practice self-care. In fact, practising self-care is often the first step on the journey towards self-love. If you have a bad habit of putting yourself last and not treating yourself with the care and kindness you deserve, use these simple self-care rituals from Heloisa to put yourself on the path to self-love and wellness. Think and act mindfully.

Does your mind feel like a runaway train? If your emotions get the best of you, or you feel like you’re living on autopilot, mindfulness is the solution. Mindfulness simply means to be present and pay attention, but it’s a powerful tool for overcoming harmful thought patterns and being more open and appreciative in daily life. Simple practices like mindful breathing and eating are a good introduction to mindfulness. As you grow comfortable, extend that awareness to your thoughts, habits, and relationships.

Practice gratitude

Mindfulness and gratitude go hand in hand. That’s because when you stay present in everyday life, it’s easier to appreciate all the things going right instead of focusing only on what goes wrong.

Practising gratitude is also simple to do and doesn’t cost a penny. Spend a few moments at the start or end of each day reflecting on what you’re thankful for, and make a habit of expressing appreciation more often. It may feel forced initially, but over time, you’ll be amazed at how a little gratitude lifts your spirits.

Treat your body with respect

Too often, we make lifestyle changes out of dislike for our bodies. We constantly try to lose weight, tone up, and fix “problem areas,” yet the changes never seem to stick. Why? It’s because the strategy is all wrong. You can’t hate yourself into loving yourself. Instead of acting out of hatred for your body, treat it with respect and kindness. Choose foods that nourish your body, make movement a habit, and prioritize getting a good night’s sleep.

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 Where to find help with lifestyle changes

There’s a lot of misleading information out there about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. If you’re new to wellness, you may be confused about what’s good advice and what’s just a marketing ploy. If you want to be sure the changes you’re making have an impact, work with a wellness advisor to personalize health and nutrition advice for your needs. Hiring a professional wellness consultant is surprisingly affordable online — whether you want tailored meal plans, lifestyle coaching, or advice on adopting a plant-based diet.

Many fitness centres also offer free fitness consultations to members. If you belong to a gym or are searching for one, ask about this benefit. Not only is it a great way to get comfortable with exercise equipment, but a trainer can recommend an exercise program that matches your fitness level and goal.