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Customer Feedback

We LOVE Feedback!! 

It also helps others to see how they can benefit from guidance and healing!

Thank you! Heloisa

Reiki Course

Just wanted to thank you Haloisa for giving me this gift of reiki and for helping me on my life’s path and journey. Last week i Thought about how far I’ve come from the man I was to who I am now and how I’ve grown so much and i owe a lot of that to you and your healing so wanted to drop you a message to say I love you and thank you. X

Just wanted to share my gratitude. Thank you x

Thank you

Heloisa, Thank you for believing in me and listening to me when others would look the other way. I’m feel so lucky to have you a wonderful teacher/ mentor in my life. You have taught me very important life lessons and I feel immensely grateful.
Lots of love xx

My colleague and fellow reiki

My colleague and fellow reiki sister and I had the pleasure of completing reiki 1 and 2 with Heloisa. This lady is both knowledgeable and intuitive. She gave good explanations to all our questions and the course was a pleasure to be part of. I personally feel more at peace and this is the start of new beginnings and my spiritual journey. I will be doing reiki 3 in 6 months to further my attunements and knowledge. Thank you for being amazing Heloisa I’m so glad I met you.

I have recently completed Reiki

I have recently completed Reiki Level 2 with Heloisa. It was incredible, the energy received after her attunements and the knowledge she has on treatments were exceptional. I would recommend this to anyone interested in energy healing, you will not regret it!

Chris on Aphantasia

Hey Heloisa. Are you aware of a disorder called aphantasia? It is where you have no visual imagination. They say it’s called being born without a mind’s eye, and it’s where you can’t picture images in the mind. It’s just blank. I have only just found out about this and I actually suffer from it. It’s very interesting. I wasn’t aware people were different and could actually see vivid images in the mind. I don’t see anything. The reason I mention it is because I intend to do Reiki and help heal others, but I suspect some wording and design would be different for people with aphantasia. The Reiki obviously still works as it’s energy etc, but for mindfulness and meditation I think it’s different as we with aphantasia can’t see images like a relaxing sunset. We can sense it and imagine it, but we can’t see any pictures. Just thinking about it. Would love to talk to you about it at some point. X

“My goodness, no, I didn’t know that! Yes very probably! I will read it asap and come back to you on it if that’s okay?
Thanks a lot for sharing it! I know about people who can only see things in black and white in dreams…” Heloisa xx

Eddie on Reiki I Course, Leeds

In 2021 I worked with Heloisa for several months, receiving reiki healing. The benefits gained from the healing were profound and encouraged me to also complete my reiki level 1. Heloisa was understanding, empathetic and informative. She encouraged and guided me through the healing process, providing help and support throughout. I noticed many positive changes in my life after treatment, but the real astounding benefits started to show themselves after completing my Reiki 1. Areas of my life that had been difficult for some time have now started to resolve themselves. I am very grateful to Heloisa for all her help.

Whatever your background or whatever you need help with, I would certainly recommend working with Heloisa. And I am looking forward to undertaking my Reiki level 2 with her in the near future.

Chiho on Pet Distant Reiki Healing

Heloisa’s Reiki healing significantly improved wellbeing of my cat. Since her treatment, my cat has clearly calmed down and became much more relaxed. He also stopped miaowing at night. She even managed to identify his trauma by reading his early developmental history very accurately. I definitely recommend Heloisa’s animal Reiki, if you want to heal or improve your relationship with your loved animals!

Lesley Walters

Helouisa, I had just one healing session with you and you changed my way of thinking and living my life. It took me a while but I am now very happy and have always wanted to say thank you Xx


Heloisa Stephan


Hi Lesley, thank you so much for taking the time to give me your feedback and it’s so rewarding! So grateful for your sharing it with me too! ? and really happy to have had such a positive contribution to your feeling happier in your life. Bless you and your entire future, love, Heloisa

Mohamed, Leeds

Hi Heloisa,
Wanted to share how I was for the past days. I would say I had small traces of anxiety maybe for 5-10 mins but I was able to manage it and I have a feeling inside saying in alright and I will be fine in sometime (whenever the anxiety comes). Sleeping is really good, no breaks in between, and I sleep for 8 hours. I am more into eating natural food now and more concerned about my well being.

Another thing is I can see so much difference towards my behaviour towards the nature, and even my though process. I was going to buy some stuff to clean the drainage and it said “harmful to aquatic life” I couldn’t buy it, I had such a string thought which pulled me back from doing it. I think u can’t do anything like that anymore, I am more considerate towards my fellow living beings now. A lot of people come towards me for help nowadays, and the good thing is I am able to help the needy.

Dreams: …I was very curious and wondering what it was, not scared though.

One last thing, I think girls are also getting attracted, I am just being careful to avoid some mishap.

The Angels Events, York

Hi Heloisa,I hope you’re well. Thank you so much for… it was so wonderful to work with you and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it…

Kind Regards, Holly

We LOVE Feedback!!

There are lots of more feedback, and it’s always very rewarding to hear that clients are getting on well, and, in many cases, feeling a lot better too.

I thank all clients who have taken the time to let me know how they progressed in life.

I’m really very grateful for all your contacts and feedbacks that you sent me and will be publishing more as it will be possible.

Thank you! Heloisa