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Best Essential Oil Brands Based on In-Depth Reviews

They are Consumers Advocate – one of the fastest-growing editorial partnerships dedicated to helping our communities make important life decisions. They recently analyzed the essential oil industry by hiring an independent lab to test oils from the top 11 essential oil companies – sending unmarked bottles to discover the purity of the oils. Outside of quality, we also analyzed companies based on consumer education, safety, and product sustainability.

A Guide to Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Did you know that an estimated 44 million people in the world live with dementia? With this many people suffering, it is important to know the possible causes and risk factors and to share it with family and friends.
The following article A 2021 Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia gives a great overview of the types of dementia as well as risk factors for developing dementia.

Top 5 Struggles of the LGBTQ Community that Lead to Addiction

Here is a helpful guide that details the Top 5 Struggles of the LGBTQ Community That Lead to Addiction. LGBTQ members deal with bullying, rejection, and prejudice on a daily basis due to their sexual preference or gender identity, and this can lead to them turning to substances.

How to spot the signs of drug use such as shooting up

Here is a helpful article how to spot the signs of drug use such as shooting up. A few of the signs are collapsed veins, infections, bruising, and skin popping, among others. I also detail how to get help for a loved one that you feel may be abusing drugs.

Learn More About 8 Dimensions of Wellness

When you think about wellness, do you think about more than physical health? Wellness is so much more, encompassing aspects of physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and life satisfaction. You can learn more in our new 8 Dimensions of Wellness Guide.

Along with researching and writing helpful information, we curated and included great videos that give diverse perspectives on the 8 dimensions of wellness. We also created a printable wellness wheel to help your readers visualize their unique wellness profiles.  There is also a simple self-test to give your readers immediate input on what parts of their wellness need work.

2021 Guide on Veteran Substance Abuse

I just published the guide “A War on Home Soil”. What makes this guide different is its inclusion of active service members, which many guides ignore. I discuss issues they face when deployed and when reintegrating into civilian life at home.

2/3 of Veterans who suffered trauma report problems with drinking and drug use. Addiction to prescription painkillers is rising dramatically.

Addiction in service members and veterans is on the rise. It’s important to address the issue with education, outreach, and services. Our small part is trying to get this helpful information out to the public.

The Ugly Truth About Anxiety And Abuse

Almost 20% of adults diagnosed with a substance use disorder also meet the anxiety disorder criteria. That is why we wrote our guide to “Anxiety and Addiction.”

We characterize anxiety by feelings of tension, apprehension, worry, irrational or excessive fear, and stress that produce physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat, headaches, and irritability.

50% of those who have a mental health disorder have a substance use disorder.

Services after Covid-19

Dear Clients and Friends,

Heloisa continues to seeing you in person, and welcomes each one of you very warmly!

According to the latest rules for Covid-19, there's now no pressure to scan the QR code for the NHS tracing app. I can reassure you, though, that there are all the preventive care in place in the home practice to keep all always safe.

In order to keep all clients safe, your temperature will still be measured, and you still need to wear a mask, and I do hope that this will be okay with you all :)

Hope you are all well and see you soon!
Best regards

Local Covid-19 isolation support advice
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