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Inner Child Healing and Chakra Expansion

Healing Connection with the Divine Feminine and Masculine

Throughout our lives, we experience a multitude of emotions that sometimes remain unresolved and attract the very same life situations repeatedly but with other people, as different opportunities to resolve them. Unfortunately, not always we recognise the “issue” in ourselves and believe the life experiences we attract are things caused randomly or by evil or negative people.

Even when we know about the law of cause and effect, or law of the universe perfectly well, there are experiences lived as children, babies or also a unborn foetus that might have impacted us in an inexplicable way that remained unresolved and unconsciously influence all of our lives and life decisions without us realising it.

Heloisa facilitates this powerful healing technique by using activating codes to expand your heart, throat and solar plexus chakras, cleanse your system, and heal possible soul imprints. Heloisa deepens her awareness to the theta state of mind to be able to channel healing messages from the guides and, if advised, she’ll ask for your consent to activate other chakras as well.

You will have a much stronger feeling for yourself, and you'll know when it's time to acknowledge that you are healed and declare yourself ready for anything in the future because then you are the future, and you're manifesting whatever you want and most desire. You just need to be careful not to think about negative things because then this would also be manifested.

Heloisa Works With Higher Divine Beings

  • Christ Consciousness
  • Mother Mary
  • Archangels
  • Her own Healing Guides
  • And others…

Heloisa will always ask for your consent to activate your chakras due to the fact that expanding chakras and the gained greater sensitivities are an irreversible step that cannot be undone and made smaller again.

Do You Feel Like…?

  • Do you suffer from depression or are feeling down and have the feeling you can’t cope with all the obstacles in your life?
  • Do you have the feeling of running after something and never getting there?
  • Do you feel angry or resentful of others or yourself and can’t resolve it on your own?
  • Do you recognise any recurrent negative or painful pattern in your life?
  • Do you have a destructive pattern in your life or relationships?
  • Do you feel exhausted, worn out or have the feeling of giving up?
  • Do you have issues with your self-confidence or self-esteem or feel you’re inadequate or not good enough?
  • Do you worry about people’s opinion about you and try to please people?
  • Do you need comfort food and worry about your weight?
  • Do you have an issue with your food intake, nutrition or wonder whether you’re developing an eating disorder?

Your Inner Child Might Be Sabotaging You…

  • Do you suffer from a skin or immune system disease?
  • Are you craving for, or needy of, love?
  • Do you feel you’re perpetuating issues from your childhood that still influence your life?
  • Do you have the urge to self-harming?
  • Do you have issues in saying “no”?
  • Do you have issues with forgiving people or hold grudges that influence your life in a negative way?
  • Do you crave for love, success and financial security and are always disappointed with the results?
  • Do you want to raise your energy levels and the frequency that you’re now emanating?
  • Do you have issues with manifestation of love or financial abundance?

Your Then Let Me Tell You This:

  • It might be sabotaging you in ways that you don’t realise…
  • It might be sabotaging you since the trauma or incident happened, so that you don’t recognise it anymore…
  •  How do you do to recognise it?
  • You can go into yourself and check if there’s anything in your
    childhood that even remotely compares to what you’re experiencing today
  •  Or, you can do a Psychic Reading with me or anyone else to discover
    what is influencing your life in a negative way so that you can deal
    with it and let it go for good!

This Therapy Will Make You Have a Much Stronger…

  • Intuition
  • Connectedness with your Inner Child
  • Knowing about people’s motives
  • Manifestation ability
  • And Kundalini stimulation
  • And so much more..

How You Will Feel Just After The Session

  • The colour of your aura will change to a very strong and positive yellow and so it will stay for months, apart from the green for the healing process that you’ll be undergoing
  • You’ll feel quite different, sensitive or vulnerable for weeks and conscious that something big is happening
  • You’ll possibly feel sad at times and even want to cry at times, not really knowing why
  • Sometimes you might get a thought, image or unexplained emotion that you just need to acknowledge and give your adult or current value to it
  • Your inner child will feel acknowledged, heal and liberate all unresolved issues so that you can let it go
  • You’ll feel blessed, healed and peaceful in the inside
  • You’ll feel loved and important to this world
  • You’ll feel strong and resilient
  • You’ll be healing in a fully natural way
  • You’ll be focusing on yourself, your wellbeing, your nutrition, your life mission most naturally
  • You’ll raise your energy in the easiest and softest way possible – without any conscious effort or work – all will be done by your own unconscious mind and inner child during your dreams
  • You’ll fall in love with, and focus on, yourself, and the Divine in the most natural and grateful way
  • What This Therapy Will Give, Or Can Do For, You

    • Visualisation ability
    • Healing the Inner Child
    • Profound Gratefulness for the current life
    • Boost in Energy
    • Expansion of up to three Chakras
    • Powerful unconscious Soul History Healing through unconscious dream work
    • Embracing the reception of the highest Divine gift and purest form of love
    • Embracing the powerful healing energy of the Gods – feminine and masculine
    • No conscious efforts needed apart from accepting the healing process that will be happening up to four to six weeks after the actual therapy day
    • And much more…

Whatever your choice might be, remember to be grateful for whatever you already have in your life, as this is the reason we all have to manifest our innermost desires...

This Therapy Will Make You Feel

Filled with the highest, purest form of love. Greatly more understanding, compassionate – for yourself, and others. You’ll feel blessed, healed and peaceful. Loved and important to the world. Strong and resilient. You’ll be healing in a fully natural way. You’ll be focusing on yourself, your wellbeing, your nutrition, your life mission, and your Inner Child will feel acknowledged, heal and liberate all unresolved issues so that the sabotaging ceases, just to mention a few sentiments you will have...
So Very Happy!

Do you need an Inner Child's therapy?

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You will never regret to have done this therapy and your Inner Child will be more than grateful to you and will not be sabotaging you any more as everything will be resolved, and she won't have any reason anymore to sabotage you and your desires, so that all of them will just be manifested from now on, just as you always wanted.
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