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How Heloisa's Reading And Holistic Path Began

Life long learning is really empowering!

I always have helped people by listening to them and this since I was very young, still in Brazil. Also, growing up in a very large family, it was a blessing to have many kinds of religions to visit, discover and incorporate the best bits too.

This has made me a very open-minded person in terms of different needs and different ways to see stuff and to resolve it. So, it wasn’t really a surprise that I started seeking ways to know more about life and its intricacies and wonders and I ended up reading lots about this subject and became quite interested in esoteric stuff too.

To cut the story short, with 13 years of age, I ended up going to an old lady of African origin, to see what she could say about my life. What she said changed my life forever. I have never forgotten her, the way she lived, or her reading. Although she was quite scary in her own ways, on the contrary, still today I have the cowry shells that she read for me.

I couldn’t find her later any more when I was ready to learn that kind of knowledge, and albeit the sadness of that discovery, I went on in life always looking for something similar. About 3 years later, then already in Europe (what she had envisaged for me), I made my days more meaningful by buying a set of regular playing cards to try to learn something on my own. It was then, that my path as a card reader started. Years later, I was reading cards for myself, my family and friends with a system that was shown to me in a similar way from another old lady and, through that vision, I have then devised my own system.

In the meantime, I had tried the tarot too but could not find the practicality of life as we live our lives here.  I thought that not all aspects of life are spiritual, and there are practical questions that are not necessarily in the spirituality that the tarot entails. So, I chose to continue with the playing cards to help people with their everyday issues, and to give them the guidance that they need for their own lives and daily, or current problems that they may have.

I have never regretted this decision, on the contrary, the more I saw people and read for them, the more it made me believe it was the right decision for me. After many years of reading for people in need, I arrived at the point of complete gratitude for what came into my life and how my life has changed through them too and continue to do readings. Then, although I could tell them what it was that was holding them back or was the source of their issues, I started being quite frustrated at not being able to help them out of that!

And so, I started to learn the natural therapies that I knew would help them out, when they were ready for healing, of course. So, I became a grateful, accomplished Alternative & Complementary Medicine Therapist and teacher too 🙂