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Past-Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR)

Past Life Regression is a therapeutic process to discover and help heal present day symptoms or issues that are rooted in a past life. The therapy is about freeing the current life from unhelpful memories, pain and dysfunctional patterns that originate from a previous existence. It can also be just to discover what are the previous life experiences with a loved one, family members, or best friends.

A Past Life Regression has serious implications about how we live our lives. It is deep work on the unconscious template that often unconsciously dictates our reactions to situations, people we choose to partner with and our physical health and habits. With this in mind, when doing a Past Life Regression, it is important that you work with an experienced professional who can assist you with issues that may arise following your regression.

There are very few healing modalities that can offer the physical and emotional healing and insight that can be had through past life therapy. We are, as individuals, far more than we understand ourselves to be in this present lifetime.

When is a PLR helpful?

Past Life Regression is particularly valuable when dealing with issues that have no rational or medical cause. Regressions are particularly helpful in solving relationship problems with partners, parents and family members because of the tendency to continue to share life experiences with these primary people.

Phobias and fears of heights, fears of flying, fears of water, etc. may have their roots in past life traumas and PLR can be specially effective in these cases. It’s deeply endearing to embrace this healing from within.

There is also evidence that chronic physical illnesses can be relieved and often cured through the use of PLR. Our bodies are a reflection of our conscious and unconscious mind. As a result, certain Past Present And Future Signpost Shows Evolution Destiny Or Aging

Digital composition of a female face / one of four elements: airtraumas that occur in a previous life can manifest physical symptoms in this life.

The choice or decision to repeat lives offers not only a spiritual, but also a clinical explanation of why we live out the unfinished business of a past life. Jung wrote, “a complex arises where we have experienced failure in life.” Roger Woolger Ph.D. expands that phrase to “in any life”. This wish to repeat is the method by which we finish our unfinished business for when we repeat the behaviour, we have the opportunity to change the outcome, thus finishing the business.

Benefits of Past-Life Regression (PLR)


Past life therapy offers another way in which to finish business while learning the lessons. The client, after experiencing the failure of that particular life, is able to release the repressed emotions and see the situation in view of his current life. This allows resolution with his past situation as well as assisting him in finding other solutions, alleviating or dissipating the current problems.

PLR is one of the most effective psychological and transpersonal tools available and can resolve many issues from

People often notice profound changes after one or two regressions, and continued work and follow-up are desirable.
Successful lives around particular problems can be accessed to give you more resources and energy to move forward – whereas difficult and painful lives can be brought to closure and redirected in order to give the client more energy and resources toward their healing.


PLR frequently provides these answers within a process that is both intriguing and healing.
However, it is important that you chose the right therapist to take you on this journey. As a Past Life Regression therapist, hypnotherapist & psychotherapist I offer a safe, comfortable environment for clients to explore past lives and their impact on their lives now.

Can everyone access past lives? The majority of clients are able to experience Past Life Regression and in particular anyone who has been attuned to Reiki or similar healing systems seem to find this relatively easy. However, if the client is scared, unable to relax, or holding onto fears or issues from this life, we can work at removing the blocks with a view to accessing past lives in future sessions.