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Life Between Lives Regression

Individual Regression with Hypnosis.

Life Between Lives (LBL) regression is a comprehensive, powerful spiritual regression that is facilitated to bring clarity into your current life. Professionally facilitated trance depth is skilfully gained and maintained, monitored and guided throughout the experience.

For this purpose, I follow Dr Michael Newton’s created hypnotic system, and recommend all his books with case studies from over 20 years of research into the spiritual life and benefits you can have from it to make sure you’ll definitely not only find happiness, but also achieve your spiritual goal of this current life.

What is Life Between Lives Regression for?

  • This spiritual regression is especially helpful if you need tangible spiritual guidance in your life as in whether you are on the right path – and most importantly – what is your life purpose and which stage of it you have already reached.
  • It enables you to see and understand where you spiritually came from, your eternal home where you live when in the spiritual world, with whom you live or who is in your eternal family group, who is contributing now to your spiritual growth – people or souls you have an agreement with – to help make sure you achieve what you’ve endeavoured to do.
  • This experience involves a journey to the womb, to the last past-life, meeting with your soul groupspirit guide and, if you choose a longer session, also with your council of elders. The meeting with your guide and the council of elders is a compassionate and unconditionally loving review of your most immediate past lives and your current life to better understand soul lessonslife purpose, and healing of repeating karmic patterns. The meeting with your soul group assists in understanding the role that different souls play in your life, such as soul mates. The LBL journey is a life-altering experience offering people profound life transforming insights and experiences from this higher soul perspective.

How this spiritual regression works

To make it possible there is a long, empowering induction to facilitate you going back and remember and experience your native spiritual psychic skills, the natural abilities of your soul when in that dimension. The skilfully facilitated LBL session enables the client to access the subconscious and, ultimately the super-conscious mind; the part of the mind that maintains our connection with our higher consciousness, our soul and our spiritual origins.

  • You’ll be able to remember how to communicate telepathically.
  • You’ll KNOW things and FEEL them naturally.
  • You’ll be able to scan for information.
  • You’ll remember spaces where you’ve been before, etc.
  • You’ll meet your own, eternal guide and have his/her spiritual guidance.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to communicate with people or souls with whom you made agreements for this life, where they come to help you go through certain experiences so to grow and learn specific lessons.
  • Healing any unhelpful aspect or pattern identified in the past-life that is adversely affecting your current life.
  • Understanding the connections between the past-life and their current life.


  • You’ll get all answers for all your life questions and know how to proceed the best way possible.
    You’ll feel calm and more relaxed about your life now, knowing what to do next and in the long term.
  • You’ll have greater clarity and resiliency in the face of life challenges.
  • You’ll feel a greater sense of inner peace, love and self-acceptance as you’ll understand that you’ve chosen your life circumstances and the lessons that you’d want to learn. Life.
  • You will understand that lives are not accidents or random. They offer opportunities for each of us to change and grow spiritually in every life.
  • This inner journey will enable you to live your life more consciously and sensibly than before.
  • Your experiences of your former lives, as well as the coinciding death scenes (which are transitional doorways into the wonderful spiritual world of the “beyond”) may offer you consoling experiences of your eternal being as a divine soul.
  • You’ll realize your uniqueness as an immortal soul. Fear of death subsides with this higher perspective of immortality.

Life Between Lives therapy supersedes any other therapies in its deeply profound perspective on the meaning of life. It transcends religious dogma and is beneficial regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs.

Does Life Between Lives sound interesting to you?

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