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Some Wise Reiki Lessons to be Learnt by the Students

  • Reiki is a blessing, an instantly conferred “Sacred Potential” for Cleansing, (Self-) Healing, (Self-) Protection and Spiritual (Self-) Development.
  • The Path of Reiki is not for everyone – for many, the Path leads elsewhere.
  • Reiki ‘Initiation’ – means to initiate someone to put a process into motion to cleanse, to heal and to store universal energy that will expand your spine pipes and chakras significantly to enable you to channel energy from the Universe.
  • A Reiki Attunement or Initiation does not make you a Reiki Practitioner. The attunement expands your chakras, your Sushuma, or your spine pipes and energy flow to enable you to channel and store healing energy to help yourself and others, and to follow your path. To be a Reiki Practitioner requires training, and practice, as well as to receive a Master-level Reiki Attunement/Initiation does not make you a Reiki “Master”, but it does catapult you into the first step of your journey towards it.
  • The therapeutic power of Gratitude.
  • Remain compassionately “detached from outcomes”.7. Often, healing is more about the journey than the Destination.
  • Sometimes, the best treatment that we can offer is to offer no treatment at all.
  • Sometimes, much as we feel we need healing, our best interest is served by living through the experience of unhappiness and disease, rather than attempting to “heal it all away”.
  • Consider the timelines and appropriateness of “intervening-with- Reiki” in any given situation, also in past-lives issues and their respective cords.
  • All healing is self-healing. With Reiki we can heal ourselves; in treating others, we are only facilitating – enabling and empowering them to heal themselves with Reiki.
  • As we tune into Reiki, we tune in to a ”spiritual frequency”, and having been tuned in to the Reiki frequency, we need to listen to be able to hear all messages the Reiki guides gives us.
  • In Reiki, the concept of “nen” (mindfulness) is very important. Not in the sense of being mindful of what you are doing, but that the Practitioner’s primary goal is to be and remain a “clear channel” for the Reiki miracle.
  • Override any conscious desire to interfere in the therapeutic process, and allow the Reiki Phenomenon to “happen”.
    16. Healing is frequently more effective when entered consciously by the client.
  • Rather than representing (or connecting us to) energies within Reiki, the symbols are sacred tools that enable us to interact and heal in very specific ways with the singular, energetic frequencies that Reiki offers.
  • Sometimes, a Reiki treatment does no more than elicit the “relaxation response” within the client, because frequently, the client requires nothing more than to un-wind, un-worry, breathe freely and calmly, and surrender to their own amazing inherent powers of self-healing.
  • On the other hand, although people may say they wish to be healed, deep down they may be afraid to let go of their illness – because they are afraid of the changes of doing so, would bring, especially when they have been ill since their childhood and never knew themselves without the illness.
  • One cannot give what one does not have – one cannot teach what one does not truly understand.
  • In accepting a student of your own, you make a commitment – and take on a great responsibility: The Student’s Personal Development and Transformation.
  • Learn to facilitate healing using the hands, the eyes, the breath, the Principles – but also, using the Heart.