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Who Can Be Hypnotised

Who can, or can not be hypnotized

Given the opportunity, and if an individual is willing to cooperate, between ninety to ninety-five percent of all people are hypnotizable to some degree. However there are individuals that seem to be un-hypnotizable, or very difficult to be hypnotized.

There are a few conditions that may inhibit individuals from going into trance or to a state of hypnosis. Having more than one condition makes it even more challenging:

  • Severely psychotic individuals.
    • These individuals might be unable to stay in reality long enough to mentally comprehend, or follow the instrutions.
  • A paranoid individual
    • Great difficulty to trust or even close the eyes during the process.
  • Individuals who lack attention span.
    • Inability to concentrate or focus long enough.
  • Severely mentally deficient (IQ below 70).
    • Inability to understand and follow the induction.
  • Individuals with genetic disorders (Down’s Syndrome), mental dysfunction (caused by brain damage, or congenital disorders (Alzheimer’s), etc.
  • Individuals devoid of imagination or unable to visualize.
  • Individuals wanting to prove the hypnotist wrong.
  • Individuals who do not want to be hypnotized.