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Apart from information here and here, Heloisa’s Psychic Readings Show You all Unconscious Secrets. 

As a hypnotherapist, Heloisa was always interested in the “Unconscious mind” and so she specialised in looking and finding the unconscious issues of all clients, if they have any that might influence their lives in a negative way. Heloisa devised her card readings system so that she can always see all there is in the clients’ lives that is important knowing, and relevant for that time, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually speaking.

The readings are done with playing cards and tell all about you, your life, your issues, and can reveal everything about your life circumstances, about yourself, your future, past, if relevant, your health, career, love life, people around you and also anyone you would like to know about if not mentioned in  your reading.

These readings help you see, and heal, also what might be holding you back from a productive life geared toward positivity and happiness.

“I answer all of your questions and help you get a better perspective on where you are.”



Yes, she does. She tells you about your pattern, how it emerged, how to heal it too, and Heloisa can also help you heal in case you don’t have faith that you can do it yourself, as she’s qualified in many different natural therapies and has a lot of experience in guiding people into healing themselves.

Personal psychic sessions reveal stumbling blockages and possibilities for new growth. Heloisa tries to help her clients to see the surrounding opportunities, of their readings and also of healing according to their own needs, so that they don’t have to go through unpleasant events and find happiness sooner without any further suffering.

Thanks a lot for this question, as there’s a definite difference between both, being two completely different services. Psychics use cards or other tools and their own intuition, sometimes they work with guides too. Mediums on the other hand, work with spirits of loved ones, and relay their messages to you. One isn’t really better than the other; they are just different services with different techniques to get information.

“I personally never wanted to work as a medium due to the fact that I am a Reiki Energy therapist who works all the time as a medium in communication with divine guides and this is so beautiful and soothing that I never wanted more than that.”

Heloisa gives personal readings based on her personal intuition. Another way of gaining information is through accessing the Akashik Records. By doing this, we can reach a great wealth of information.

“I read your aura, and your energies, and can ask your loved one to give you a message while you are present, which would be through the cards. Sometimes those that have moved beyond have messages for us. I can pass the message on to you, but it will not be a full reading with their information, it will rather be one or two messages only.

These spiritual readings can be on any number of subjects. Health, career, and love are always popular topics, but you may have other questions. It’s essential for you to ask the questions you have, so that you can get as many answers as you would like to embrace, so you can begin to shape your life into a better future for you. 

You want to make your best decision, and a reading can give you so much information so that you can make an informed decision.

There’s a lot to say about it and I will post here other questions that might come time and time again so that you can find more in the future.



Would you like to schedule a psychic reading? Heloisa is available within quite a short time.


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