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Pain Relief with EFT

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According to scientific study of EFT for pain, pain can decrease after just 20 minutes, as the pain levels of research participants dropped by an average of 68%. The results are often long-lasting, especially when the emotional issues that often exacerbate pain are also addressed.

EFT addresses two of the underlying aspects of pain

Disrupted Electromagnetic Fields

When an MRI or EEG test at a hospital takes place, the medical professionals are using information from the body’s electromagnetic fields for diagnosis and treatment.

With EFT, pain subsides once negative emotions have been addressed appropriately.


Applied properly, the EFT process addresses both of these potential sources of pain simultaneously.


EFT is easy to apply and often works where nothing else will.

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When these fields are out of balance, due to stress or emotional
upset, a person’s health can be compromised, resulting in pain and

EFT can calm those upsets very quickly, resulting in a balance in your energy fields.


Stress Neurochemistry

It is a medical fact that our emotions trigger shifts in the hormone and neurotransmitter balance in our bodies.

Positive emotions can produce healthy hormonal shifts, while negative emotions stimulate the production of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

Emotional stress contributes to many physical symptoms and manifestations, including high blood pressure and heart disease. Negative emotions are also a major factor contributing to pain.

Hypnotic Pain Management