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Benefits of EFT

EFT is effective and beneficial in many ways

  • Very easy to use and can be combined with Reiki, Hypnosis, Acupressure, etc.
  • Gentle on clients, and they leave with a definite sense of healing and new beginning.
  • Quickly heals core issues, related trauma and beliefs.
  • Locates pre-conscious trauma, beyond clients’ awareness and conscious memory.
  • Allows client driven reframes and cognitive shifts, thus preventing therapist projection.
  • Successful with non-visual clients or who have difficulty with imagination.
  • Allows forgiveness and wisdom to be gained from past events.Sends a message to the body/cells/DNA, the trauma is over.
  • Naturally utilises the law of attraction in a very powerful way.
  • Creates positive beliefs and re-enforces self-love.
  • Heals unconscious issues on a soul level, an issue when solved is out of the physical body and the meridian lines – the soul too.
  • It brings inner peace about, any even hard  issues that are resolved during the session.
  • Clients go home feeling quite happily exhausted, but healed.

Trust EFT - It Really Heals You Fast!

EFT helps you release issues related to addictions, phobias, allergies, negative core-beliefs, conditioning, birth traumas, relationships, etc.

EFT also offers its Bridge Sequence, similar to the EMDR therapy, that heals via eye desensitization movements. It is effectively used for traumatic work, also unconscious memories that would be very hard to get to without bringing the client into more distress.

Letting Go Of Past Hurt

All that remains is the REAL YOU!  The YOU, who feels like, and handles life and its obstacles like a NewBorn, with the eyes and heart of a baby, undamaged, trustful of good outcomes.