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The incredible History & Creation of EFT

EFT is the most copied Natural Therapy techniques of all.

The precursor of the EFT System

Many of the concepts underlying EFT came from Gary’s training in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) with Dr. Roger Callahan, which was created based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine belief, acupuncture to tease the points of energy to make them flow properly again. However, it’s worth mentioning that whereas TFT involves the use of 10 or 15 individualized tapping routines, Gary Craig changed them completely and created his therapy modality that he called EFT.

Through Quantum physicists we have learnt that we are all comprised of energy, and that we are all connected by a unified energy field. Also, from a quantum physics point of view, we all have an infinite number of possible pasts or futures – according to our free will and choices we make.

This energy field was originally referred to as the ‘Matrix’ by Max Planck in 1944. In more recent years Lynne McTaggart has referred to it simply as ‘The Field’, Greg Braden has talked of the ‘Divine Matrix,’ whilst Rupert Sheldrake has talked of ‘Morphic Fields’. EFT goes hand in hand with other healing techniques and in a therapeutic practice it can be integrated to help clients resolve stress and trauma quickly and effectively.

We also learned that this energy field is all around us, and connects us. All of our specific traumas, unresolved, suppressed, and trapped emotions and stressful life experiences are stored in this energy field and unconsciously influence our every thought patterns, behaviours and actions – always – and override all of our conscious thoughts or decisions. So, in order to take real charge of our lives, we need to resolve and heal all possible unconscious issues, as then we break our own patterns, raise our energy frequencies and awareness, and start attracting more resolved and happy people  and completely different situations and patterns into our lives.

The combination of proven therapies in one

Gary Craig understood that the combination of proven therapy systems help in a compounded way for healing and incorporated  some of the most powerful and proven tools to his version of healing, the EFT. It differs from TFT in that it employs only one comprehensive tapping routine used for all mental, emotional and physical problems, compounded with the voicing of the actual issue or problem felt and most importantly, also incorporating the also proven healing modality of EMDR (Eyes Movements Desensitization Reprocessing)  to ensure the complete success of the therapy also for severe trauma. Because of this, EFT became so widely used and is easy enough to be applied and mastered by most people and very effective especially when done following his exact advice.

Fast Results with little or no discomfort

Results for EFT have always been extraordinary and it allows you to recall your traumatic and stressful memories without any emotional disruption or stress, as negative past memories keep the body in a state of stress. Compared to other techniques, EFT is usually quite gentle and substantial relief is often achieved with little or no pain or stress. This is not true for everyone, then although it is quite gentle as a therapy, EFT’s quick effectiveness makes itself immediately strongly noticeable, and the more traumatic the memory, or the more issues were accumulated throughout life, the more therapy effects or releasing effects the client might feel at the end of a session and might have a real deep restorative sleep in the first night or even for some days. As with many natural therapies, serious instances of trauma ab-reactions can arise – a re-living of a trauma under a trance like state – and they must be handled by qualified practitioners the best way possible if they present themselves.

EFT reminds our system of all the instances in time the same issue occurred.

Due to the the client’s system being reminded (even if unbeknown to the client) of all the instances that the issue presented itself or was faced throughout life by the tapping, the client might feel momentarily some of the physical or emotional issues faced at any point prior to the healing session and it is of great help to accomplish the healing process and bring it significantly to a closure by tapping on them too. Both Callahan and Craig brought to us a very powerful tool to heal ourselves and others and the world will always be and remain grateful to their commitment and input to broaden our horizons in the sense of easiness and effectiveness. As a matter of fact, through years of work and development , EFT has become the world’s most copied therapy system. Due to the easiness of application and its fast and powerful results, any EFT Practitioner who has not studied acupuncture or acupressure or EMDR can use all of those systems to great emotional, mental or physical effect and significant long lasting results. We’re all filled with gratitude to Gary Craig to have had the idea to combine and bring such powerful and valuable Western and Eastern alternative medicines combined together to our knowledge and to share it free of charge with humanity and only charge for his practitioner courses.

EFTTM (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Key to freedom, happiness and growth. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was developed earlier in the 1990’s by Gary Craig, whose academic training includes a BA in Business Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara and he’s also a Stanford engineering graduate. While personal healing has been his passion for over 30 years, Gary is neither a licensed therapist nor a trained psychologist although he has a Master Practitioner diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).