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House and Negative Energies Clearings

Negative Energies Clearings

This is a service to free people from negative energies, black magic, evil eyes and also to transcend energies in case there are any and also
to protect people against these kinds of attacks for at least 6 to 12 months, depending on the person, if the person gets lots of attempts of black magic or evil eyes.

Heloisa does house clearings on her own if the project is not too big, or too complex, and with colleagues otherwise.

Just send photographs of the house outside and inside, all sides of the house, all rooms, and yourself as well and we’ll tell you whether or not Heloisa can do it on her own, or with one or more colleagues, depending on the project.

This work is based on finding different energies, impregnations, leylines, vortexes, water lines, etc, and transcend the present energies so that the vortex ‘s energy can flow freely again.

We clear the area from the negative energies, and also from souls that remained on earth to wait for their loved ones to get over their loss.  We also remove any negative impregnations, curses and also protect the owners and their houses with different symbols and systems to ensure peace of mind about a cleared, and protected house for the future.

In many cases we need to give the owner a treatment to remove curses too or karma related to the problem.

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