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Preparing for Reiki Training & Attunement Process

Please take note that my Reiki guides will start preparing you for the course and attunements as soon as you commit to the course, so that you and your system will be ready to receive all the attunements without problems.

A week or two prior to the training it would be advisable to balance your chakras and cleanse your body and aura with a Reiki treatment by your teacher so that you can be sure that there are not any issues like you not being in your true integrity, and having souls or even creatures from the underworld attached to you. It is not mandatory, though.

A few days before the training, it’s advisable to take a few minutes every day to sit in stillness and make an intention to open yourself up to the Reiki energy that you will be receiving during the attunement.

The practice of mindfulness meditation and or yoga would be helpful too.

Avoid stress or strenuous physical activity a day or two preceding the class, and care for a good night’s sleep the night before class.

Calm your mind down with good things like pampering yourself, your body and being more caring towards your own self.

You can also do some kind of sound healing, aroma therapy or walking in the woods to give yourself a sense of groundedness.

Try praying for achieving calmness and gratefulness too.

It is recommendable to fast or to avoid meats, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine or other substances that may interfere with your state of mind or energy level on the day of class a week or at least about three days prior to the training.

These preparations will help you to be as well prepared and open as
possible to receiving the attunements to open your channels, and to
increase your vibrational level for more effective healing.

My classes are generally on the weekend, and I recommend that students clear their schedules for the rest of the day of the training, and to take it easy the following day if possible in order to fully process the energy received during the attunements and class. I do this as well, because as a Reiki Master Teacher, I channel high levels of energy during the attunements and throughout the class.

If you are a Level I Reiki student who would like to advance your practice, learn distance healing techniques, and/or become a professional practitioner for emotional, mental and spiritual too, you will want to take Level II Reiki training.

When preparing for Level II Reiki training, it is important to have good practice using the Level I skills you have been taught. In fact, students do best when you have the opportunity to experiment and work with the Reiki energy for a while before moving to Level II.

In my classes, I require Level II students to have successfully completed the Level I class and to have practiced with the Level I skills for at least two months and have done at least ten hands-on treatments, preferably on ten different people. Remember that you’ll be receiving a Practitioner’s Certificate at the end of this level, wether you will practice it or not.

If you are a Level II Reiki Practitioner and interested in advancing your practice to the highest level, and to progress your spiritual growth you’ll want to do the Reiki Master Level. I take on Reiki Master students by application only. I usually only accept students who have trained with me for the first two levels as I can guarantee that they received good foundational skills and a strong attunement for their new profession.


If you want to become a Reiki Master Teacher, you will want to take Reiki Master Teacher training a year after your Reiki Master Level and as many hands-on training as you possibly can do in this time. The energy levels, experience and confidence increase according to the number of hands-on treatments given and especially strong when given treatments to more different clients with different illnesses possible.
The more experience you get the more information you’ll be able tosense, receive or “know” about your client. Some practitioners may beready to teach before a year. In fact, when different people startasking you if you teach Reiki, start preparing yourself because that’s your sign that you’re ready.

The attunement process

The attunement process is a sacred one. It is a miracle in itself. Through the drawing of symbols on your chakras, you will possibly feel all the power of this wondrous healing energy being pushed through your spine, through all your chakras. Every individual experiences it differently (visions, tingling, emotions, healing, etc), but all do have the same sense of sacredness, reverence, humbleness, and the feeling of great joy, almost ecstasy in emotions, and the bliss of sublime readiness to be chosen to Serve – yourself and others.

The process of cleansing, purifying, healing is a serious one to prepare yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually for the attunements you’d be receiving soon. I feel very humbled and honoured at the same time to be ready to possibly soon passing this healing technique on to you. It fills me with excitement and joy at the same time as it fills me with responsibility for your path with me for the coming months or years, depending on your own self-growth journey. I am committed to taking you through it, whatever your interest, and length of time. It is a genuine privilege and I commit to always give my best to get you through it the most soothing and gentle way possible.


For your best benefit, my Reiki guides would already start the work with you with the cleansing, healing, and all that is needed for the attunement process as soon as you get the manual. You might start feeling that something is happening within you. Please don’t fear anything, it’s just the Reiki energy already working wonders in you to prepare you for what is to come.

You might catch yourself thinking differently about things, or having different reactions, feel a bit hot or cold at times, or feel some dizziness or nausea, headaches, or bowel movements, aches, or so. Remember, all is natural: you’d be becoming a Reiki healer, you’d be prepared for the sacred attunement process that would open your channels to receive the Universal Ki Energy. Opening the channels, cleansing them from all unresolved trapped, negative energies from this and other lifetimes as well expanding them enough to be able to channel the energy automatically in the future to be sued at will.

It’s a remarkable work to prepare you to be connected to the Source, and, who wants, to be of Service. Just try and feel the Grace, relax and enjoy it.