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The following terms have specific meanings in EFT:

Art of Delivery

The sophisticated presentation of EFT that uses imagination, intuition, and humor to quickly discover and treat the underlying causes of pain and other problems. The art of delivery goes far beyond Mechanical EFT.


Aspects are ‘issues within issues’ different facets or pieces of a problem that are related but separate. When new aspects appear, EFT can seem to stop working. In truth, the original EFT treatment continues to work while the new aspect triggers a new set of symptoms. In some cases, many aspects of a situation or problem each require their own EFT treatment. In others, only a few do.

Basic Formula

See Mechanical EFT.

Basic Recipe

A four-step treatment consisting of Setup phrase, Sequence (tapping on acupoints in order), 9-Gamut Treatment, and Sequence. This was the original EFT protocol.

Borrowing Benefits

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Chasing the Pain

When you tap with or on behalf of another person, your own situation improves, even though you aren’t tapping for your own situation. This happens in one-on-one sessions, in groups, and when you perform surrogate or proxy tapping. The more you tap for others, the more your own life improves. For details, click here.


After applying EFT, physical discomforts can move to other locations and/or change in intensity or quality. A headache described as a sharp pain behind the eyes at an intensity of 8 might shift to dull throb in back of the head at an intensity of 7 (or 9, or 3 or any other intensity level). Moving pain is an indication that EFT is working. Keep “chasing the pain” with EFT and it will usually go to zero or some low number. In the process, emotional issues behind the discomforts are often successfully treated.

Choices Method

Dr. Patricia Carrington’s method for inserting positive statements and solutions into Setup and Reminder Phrases. .

Core Issues

Core issues are deep, important underlying emotional imbalances, usually created in response to traumatic events. A core issue is truly the crux of the problem, its root or heart. Core issues are not always obvious but careful detective work can often uncover them, and once discovered, they can be broken down into specific events and handled routinely with EFT.

Generalization Effect

When related issues are neutralized with EFT, they often take with them issues that are related in the person’s mind. In this way, several issues can be resolved even though only one is directly treated.


While the term ‘global’ usually refers to something that is universal or experienced worldwide, In EFT it refers to problems, especially in Setup phrases, that are vague and not specific.

Intensity Meter

The zero-to-10 scale that measures pain, discomfort, anger, frustration, and every other physical or emotional symptom. Intensity can also be indicated with gestures, such as hands held close together (small discomfort) or wide apart (large discomfort).

Mechanical EFT

EFT’s Basic Formula consists of tapping on the Karate Chop point or Sore Spot while saying three times, ‘Even though I have this __[problem]__, I fully and completely accept myself’ (Setup phrase), followed by three rounds of tapping the Sequence of EFT acupoints in order, with an appropriate Reminder Phrase.


Invisible channels or pathways through which energy or Chi flows in the body. The eight primary meridians pass through five pairs of vital organs, and twelve secondary meridians network to the extremities. The basic premise of EFT is that the cause of every negative emotion and most physical symptoms is a block or disruption in the flow of Chi, or energy, along one or more of the meridians.

Movie Technique

Movie Technique, or Watch a Movie Technique In this process you review in your mind, as though it were a movie, a bothersome specific event. When intensity comes up, stop and tap on that intensity. When the intensity subsides, continue in your mind with the story. This method has been a mainstay in the tool box of many EFT practitioners. It may be the most-often used EFT technique of all. For a full description, click here.

Personal Peace Procedure

An exercise in which you clear problems and release core issues by writing down, as quickly as possible, as many bothersome events from your life that you can remember. Try for at least 50 or 100. Give each event a title, as though it is a book or movie. When the list is complete, begin tapping on the largest issues. Eliminating at least one uncomfortable memory per day (a very conservative schedule) removes at least 90 unhappy events in three months. If you work through two or three per day, it’s 180 or 270. For details, click here.

Reminder Phrase

A word, phrase, or sentence that helps the mind focus on the problem being treated. It is used in combination with acupoint tapping.

Setup phrase

Setup phrase, or Setup An opening statement said at the beginning of each EFT treatment which defines and helps neutralize the problem. In EFT, the standard Setup phrase is, Even though I have this (problem) ___________, I fully and completely accept myself.

Story Technique

Story Technique, or Tell a Story Technique Narrate or tell the story out loud of a specific event dealing with trauma, grief, anger, etc., and stop to tap whenever the story becomes emotionally intense. Each of the stopping points represents another aspect of the issue that, on occasion, will take you to even deeper issues. This technique is identical to the Movie Technique except that in the Movie Technique, you simply watch past events unfold in your mind. In the Tell a Story Technique, you describe them out loud. For a full description, click here.


This is a broad word with many definitions and people use it on this website to represent different levels of progress. From an EFT point of view, however, consider success to be anything between (1) a clearly noticeable improvement in the issue and (2) a complete cessation of all symptoms.


This is a psychospeak term used by therapists when speaking of the 0-10 intensity scale that we often use to measure the severity of an issue. It stands for Subjective Units of Distress.

Surrogate or Proxy Tapping

Surrogate or Proxy Tapping involves tapping on yourself on behalf of another person. The person can be present or not. Another way to perform surrogate or proxy tapping is to substitute a photograph, picture, or line drawing for the person and tap on that.


The yes, but statements that create negative self-talk. When you state a goal or affirmation, tail-enders point the way to core issues.

Tearless Trauma Technique

This is another way of approaching an emotional problem in a gentle way. It involves having the client guess as to the emotional intensity of a past event rather than painfully re-live it mentally.

Try it on Everything

By this statement we are urging you to give EFT a try even if you think the problem is impossible. This is because EFT (properly done) appears to produce benefits for just about everything thrown at it. However, this is not to be taken as an assurance that EFT works on everything (although time may prove that it does). Also, this is not a license for inexperienced newcomers to approach seriously afflicted people. Please use common sense and don’t go where you aren’t qualified. For more info, click here.

Writings on Your Walls

Limiting beliefs and attitudes that result from cultural conditioning or family attitudes, these are often illogical and harmful yet very strong subconscious influences.

Yin and Yang

See “Chi” earlier.

Services after Covid-19

Services after Covid-19 for all my lovely clients/friends!

Following the development of the Covid-19 and comprehensive regulations for therapies, I'm keeping my Psychic Work and Alternative & Complementary Practice preferably for Phone & Video consultations only for all services so to ensure that all clients are completely safe in their own home.

You should know though, that all services I offer, the psychic services, and all therapies, can be done via video without any loss of accuracy, quality, or efficacy. Obviously, it would not be totally personal, but I can assure you that the effectiveness remains the same.

For those clients who do now need consultations in person, I offer you from August 2020 all services from my home office at LS2, close to the New Briggate office with a fee reduction, and also, if you should prefer, from Headingley, and for Psychic Readings and some of the therapies, at the New Briggate.

Please note that I follow all the safety procedures and work with mask, visor and gloves, and at times, I might take the mask off, and keep only the visor, and would appreciate if you would also wear a mask for your own safety.  For therapies, additionally, I work with tunic, as before, but also a plastic apron and the bed always covered with a plastic layer plus a disposable roll paper to ensure all regulations and procedures for your protection. For therapies I wear only a visor to make sure communication is fluent and without misunderstandings.

I apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but this is a way of ensuring that you will always be, and feel safe when you have your consultation with me and all the regulations and procedures with all the disinfecting of the place, handles and any other buttons or places a client should touch - as well as all forms to be filled in by clients before, and myself, after the treatments.

My warmest wishes for continued good health, especially taking extra care of yourselves, and thank you for your continued support :)

Much love, Heloisa

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