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Heloisa - Psychic Card Readings

Professional psychic card consultations by an internationally active and renowned psychic. She sees all there is about you personally, your innermost feelings, emotional issues, fears, source of problems that make you hold back, your life prognosis from now to six months and the next four years or more, people around you, your career, health and more… All in an extremely personal reading that not only encourages and inspires you, but also empowers  you to make all the needed steps to complete your happiness!

  • Heloisa is a world-renowned Psychic & Holistic Therapist
  • Over 30 years’ experience in helping people
  • Readings are personal, comprehensive & provide specific details
  • Special discounts, gifts & offers for your greatest happiness!

Our Most Popular Sessions

Psychic Card Reading
£40 60 min
  • Psychic, Emotional and Spiritual Guidance
  • Discover what might be holding you back and keeping you in a trap or unwanted pattern
  • Allow me to check what might be unconsciously determining your life
  • Know your future and CHANGE it!
  • Knowledge is power when used wisely
  • Find inner peace and balance
  • In person in Headingley or in town , at 15% discount via Video, Skype or Phone with same quality of readings
  • In four languages
£60 60 min
  • Heal deep seated emotional wounds
  • Heal longstanding suppressed wounds
  • Heal physical and mental issues
  • Regressions to Past- Lives and Afterlife
  • Discover the purpose of your life
  • Heal yourself from within
  • Release pain and find balance
  • Lose weight effectively
  • Be HAPPY NOW :).
£60 60 min
  • Attunements for more strength and healing for better wellbeing for depression, unwanted patterns
  • Remove heart walls and congestions
  • Release unconscious trapped emotions and pain also from past-lives
  • Heal infertility also when originated in a past-life. Many clients, also men, healed past-life traumatic memories and are now parents
  • Heal & re-balance your body, mind and spirit
  • Stimulate your immune system and metabolism
  • Let go of fears and raise your frequency
  • Allow your most powerful Self, your unconscious help you
  • Embrace more love and abundance
EFT Therapy
£60 60 min
  • The powerful tapping technique
  • Tap on meridian points (based on Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Release old, deep seated issues effectively
  • Heal physical, emotional, and mental issues
  • Tap problems and pain quickly away
  • Break your patterns and heal relationships
  • No need to know source of issues
  • Just tap any issues away in one hour!

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This is a message for all my lovely clients/friends!

Following the development of the situation I'm keeping my Psychic/Alternative & Complementary Practice from today, with a heavy heart, only for Phone & Video consultations and hopefully all will be back to normal soon again.

I'd like to let you know though, that all services I offer, the psychic services, and all therapies, can also preferably be done via video without any loss of quality. Obviously it would not be totally personal, but I can assure you that the effectiveness would remain the same.

As always you will find a warm welcome in person, no hugs or kisses for the moment, out of protection to you, maybe a bumping of elbows or feet will suffice for now :(.

My warmest and best wishes for continued good health to all and please, take extra care of yourselves when outside. Think about carrying gloves for payments that cannot be made via card and using house keys to press lift buttons etc.

Thank you for your continued support and happy to see you all soon, even if more via vídeo for the foreseeable future :)

Much love,