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Developing Psychic Awareness Course

4-Day Progressive Guided Meditation Course

For Beginners & Advanced

You will unlock the potential and power within yourself and of your imagination

as you expand your chakras and become more aware, sensitive, receptive and creative.

You’ll learn powerful techniques that will uncover and stimulate your dormant psychic abilities,

the key to creating infinite possibilities in every area of your life.

This course has been designed to empower and stimulate you to change your life!

You’ll activate your  chakras to expand them to the new energies and be highly sensitive and receptive to different kinds of energy frequencies and available information.

Come experience the extraordinary techniques to sense the world and your life in a completely new way!

  • Activating the Chakras for expansion.
  • Different levels of consciousness.
  • How to quickly reach the Theta range of consciousness .
  • Establishing personal goals.
  • Guidance to establish personal goals.
  • Identifying the difference between animate and inanimate objects.
  • Identifying intelligent animate objects.
  • How to project intelligence and retrieve information.
  • How to use psychic skills.
  • Universal laws with energy development and skills.
  • How to use clairvoyance.
  • How to use telepathic abilities.
  • Interaction with chakra development and 6th sense.
  • How to communicate with other energies.
  • Projecting intelligence and retrieve information about animate and inanimate objects or people.
  • Exploring the use of psychic skills and how to harness them for personal or professional purposes.
  • Different ways to explore and make use of clairvoyance and telepathic abilities to communicate with other energies.
  • Understanding energy development and skills in relation to Universal Laws.
  • Exploring and use different techniques to make use of psychic skills.
Meditation_Heloisa6 Heloisa_Meditation_AnotherTime DPAwareness_Course_Tree_Heloisa - Copy
  • Develop, and learn, the use of your psychic abilities in this mind blowing course.
  • Heloisa is your guide using both one-to-one and group meditations teaching you how to work from the Theta range of consciousness.
  • From this Theta range, which you learn to enter and leave instantly, you will learn how to project your intelligence varying from objects, animals, persons.
  • Scan your body, other people, our planet, our solar system.
  • Use these abilities in your daily life to understand people, friends, loved ones.
  • Use these abilities in your work as a therapist, psychic, or to understand your family,  friends, colleagues, employers, or the dynamics of your work place.
  • Use retrieved information efficiently.
  • Practise these techniques to become more sensitive to all vibrations around you, your environment, and all relevant people around you.
  • Expand your clairvoyance skills by expanding your third-eye, practising, and learn how to sense or see peoples’ chakras, or scan their internal organs.
  • Learn to set personal goals very clearly.
  • Allow yourself a life shifting experience from which you will benefit for the rest of your life for personal or professional purposes.
  • Learn different techniques to activate your intuition.
  • Learn how to discern it and how to completely trust your intuition.
  • Learn to scan the human body, animals, plants for energetic blockages and illness.
  • How to enhance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Easily release old fears, anger, or any negative emotions.
  • Learn how you can heal your own body.
  • Learn the power of the subconscious in more quickly manifesting your feelings and thoughts and healing.
  • You get four Divine Guides to accompany you and assist you with all your  needs.
  • How to inspire yourself to create your own reality.
  • Learn how to make your life what you want it to be.
  • In four consecutive days for the full advanced course with in-depth exercises and chakras activations for advanced students, or in two consecutive days for the beginners course with chakras activations.
  • Max. number of people (8 people in a group).
  • Course days start at 10am – 5.30 – 6 pm.
  • Tea, coffee, and water provided.
  • The course is delivered in one-to-one sessions and group sessions depending on subject.
  • Various guided short meditations are done progressively and might have to be repeated until results surface.
  • Between each session there is a minimum break of ten to fifteen minutes.
  • After completion, you receive a certificate.

  • It’s £380 / £355 (early bird) or
  • £190 for 2 days / £165 (early bird)
  • Cash, Bank transfer to Heloisa’s account or Website payment facility via Stripe / Paypal (debit or credit card)


“I shall reveal all my best knowledge, experiences and practising exercises to teach you how to learn to be psychic, to evolve and shine, and I will grow with you.”  Heloisa Stephan


Come Experience the real life situations of the “ALL KNOWING”.