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3-Day Advanced Awareness and Theta Healing (DPA) Course


Developing Psychic Awareness Meditation Course – (Full days course)

3-day Progressive Meditation Course
Course Contents:

• Different levels of consciousness.
• How to reach the Theta range of consciousness.
• Establish personal goals and manifest them.
• Identify the difference between animate and inanimate objects.
• Identify intelligent animate objects.
• How to project intelligence and retrieve information.
• How to use clairvoyance.
• How to use telepathic abilities.
• How to communicate with other energies.

This course is more effective after the Reiki Course Level II as it’s easier to get telepathic and clairvoyant information.



Learn how to harness and augment your psychic abilities and how to reach and stay in the Theta state of mind in seconds!

Psychic Awareness