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Infinity Subconscious Programming

Infinity (Subconscious Programming Technique)

  • You can use it to reprogram your mind, to recreate your mindset about specific issues.If you have been a lifetime very negative, this is the best tool to use to completely change your mindset. It will certainly surprise you that you catch yourself thinking in ways never experienced before.Some clients say that at the beginning it feels like somebody else is thinking for them.
  • If you have had a bad break up or feel obsessed by someone, you’ll see that inner peace and calmness will come back very quickly into your heart. Bring your inner harmony and balance when in turmoil.
  • You can use this system for any kind of issue, be it physical, mental, emotional, psychological, or spiritual.
  • You can heal yourself at any given time – no need of any tools or
  • Bring about your deepest wishes for the law of attraction! The future you dream of is nearer than you think…
  • If there’s change desired, this is the easiest and most effective tool there is to use.

What is Infinity Programming?

Infinity is actually an old symbol that was already used by the Romans to denote the number 1000, which for them, at the  time, was a big number. John Wallis introduced this symbol around 1650 as a mathematical symbol to symbolize numbers ad infinitum, hence the name.

Nobody knew that this symbol, drawn slowly, gives the person a complete sense of calmness. In actual fact, it is one of the most powerful symbols for healing when used in a distinctive way. It easily helps the user to connect the two brain halves: the conscious with the unconscious mind. This immediate connection enables easy and fast natural healing and programming– directly from within.

The Infinity Technique is for those people who want to learn this extraordinarily easy healing and programming system in order to heal and program themselves – on their own – from emotional, mental, and physical issues or just to stay balanced and always connected in the state of manifestation of the inner desires or dreams.

It’s an easy technique to learn, really easy to apply, nothing else is needed.

It’s like a hypnosis session done all on your own without the concern of being able to relaxing or not – the easiest and most powerful way of influencing your subconscious mind for any issues as well as for spiritual development whenever you want or need.

Infinity – Fast Subconscious Healing Technique

Infinity is a new, proven healing method that connects the conscious with the subconscious mind producing healing from within quickly and efficiently. It is the result and a creation of, years of study and practical, clinical as well as psychotherapeutic work on different emotional, mental, psychological and physical, issues on many clients. It results from years of practical work with hypnosis, hypnotic suggestions and ways to enable clients to learn easily and to heal themselves by connecting the two brain halves and initiate the healing on their own.

After numerous investigative sessions for many different issues including depression, alcoholism, deep inner child damage, fears, anxieties, and the extraordinary results delivered, I’ve decided to offer it officially as a healing method for treatments as well as workshops.

I also offer now workshops to teach all there is to understand about the unconscious mind and things to observe whilst doing the healing. Already now there are many people effectively applying this powerful healing technique on their own and having success with it.

Using this method you’ll immediately connect your conscious mind to the unconscious and the therapy will become an immediate order to your subconscious mind.

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How does a treatment session look like?

A first Infinity healing session lasts about an hour, and it is recorded so that you can easily repeat it at home. When you do it yourself afterwards, any 10-20 minutes heal a lot and bring success. Of course, the more you do, the more long-lasting the healing will be, like any other healing system, whether hypnosis, EFT, or any other.

You can either have a second tailored session to make sure you have understood all the important bits for your own healing with the principles of hypnosis to avoid pitfalls or else, you can come to a group workshop to learn how to use it.

There are so many different healing possibilities

It couldn’t be easier and more cost-effective – and at the same time, so powerful – doing it on your own!