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Dip. Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist DCHP (ISCH reg GHSC)

Useful information About Heloisa’s Psychic Services

Tools Used

  • Heloisa is always in an altered state of mind during readings, so she channels information.
  • She uses cards to set free her intuitive skills to draw information from.
  • She gives clients tangible, accurate and comprehensive guidance or mentoring.
  • She uses archetypal cards that access your unconscious for the spiritual part of your development.
  • She also uses ordinary playing cards for the full, practical life reading.
  • She relays information from both, as well as from guides she channels information from.
  • You know within five minutes into the reading how precise and accurate personal information she gets about you and others.
  • Being non-judgemental, you feel safe.
  • Her practice is designed to provide you with Aroma, Colour, and Sound Therapies, so you’ll feel very calm and heal more easily.
  • Apart from that, you also benefit and heal automatically from Heloisa’s Reiki Master Teacher’s healing energy.

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Focus is on


  • Heloisa focuses completely on you and your life, your Karma, or fate. All areas.
  • All relevant information: Personal, emotional, mental, spiritual, professional development, and health.
  • She also gives extensive information about people important to you and your development.
  • It includes their feelings towards you, thoughts, and intentions about you – also career wise.
  • Her guidance is also about how to best handle your life right now for the best outcome in the future.
  • Your current energy and what you emanate according to your cards and what she can see in your aura.
  • All about people and life experiences from your past that might still be unresolved – possibly unbeknown to you – causing unwanted patterns.
  • She identifies the issue, finds the source of it, and gives guidance about healing alternatives to effectively resolve it, whether on your own, with herself or other professionals.

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Use it to CHANGE your Life

  • Heloisa uncovers, and gives guidance to understand and heal self-sabotage or destructive patterns if there should be any, and how to free yourself from them quickly and effectively.
  • Be prepared for what is about to happen in your life and what will happen in the coming years.
  • Open up to how you can change that prognosis by changing you strategy, habits, or behaviour.
  • Know about the best chances to attract your dream job.
  • Know the depths of your unconscious about your emotions and how to find balance and self-realization.
  • Know how to connect deeper with your Inner Child, so all other areas will flow automatically.
  • How to stay in tune with yourself and realise your dreams in accordance with the law of attraction.
  • Allow spiritual guidance as in how to find, or stay on your right path, your true path.
  • Or how to follow your inner voice instead of the Ego’s voice.

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More Useful information About Heloisa’s Psychic Services

When in General Need


  • Come at any time you need guidance in any area of your life.
  • When you want thorough investigation and clarification about any issue in your life.
  • When you have an important, informed decision to make.
  • When you want to clarify all the different options and discover which one would be best for your current needs.
  • When you need either a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly prediction of your life circumstances.
  • When you want to know whether or not a past-life is influencing your present life in a negative way.
  • Check out Heloisa’s fees on the top menu under Bookings, then “Fees Structure and Discounts” as Heloisa gives you a discount of 10% for advanced payment online when booking and managing your appointment yourself.
  • And so much more…

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All About Your Career

  • When you want a thorough investigation and clarification about any issue be it about a current or potential job.
  • When you want to know what will be asked from you during an interview.
  • When you want to know what the Interviewer or your boss think of your performance.
  • When you want to know whether or not you’ll be offered a certain job.
  • Also when exactly you’ll be offered a certain job.
  • When you want to know how a business or investment will progress.
  • When you want to know how to deal with different business or staff issues.
  • When you want to do a life progression to see the development of an important investment.
  • When you need guidance as to proceed or what is the best course of action.
  • And so much more…

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About Your Relationship

  • If it is or will be long lasting.
  • Or why your relationship is not progressing.
  • Why your loved one is holding back.
  • If your loved one is ready for a stable relationship or commitment.
  • If it is worthwhile fighting for your relationship.
  • Your loved one’s feelings, thoughts or intentions about you.
  • All about your loved one to understand him/her better.
  • If you want to free yourself from a recurrent unwanted pattern.
  • Or what prevents you from having a loving, caring, and enduring relationship.
  • When you want to free yourself from fears that make you push people away.
  • When you want to know whether a conflict in your relationship will be overcome.
  • Or whether you’re strong enough to have a new beginning in life.
  • If you will attract the right person into your life and when. And more…

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Contact Your Loved One Yourself

Heloisa uses her mediumnistic skills to channel messages from her Reiki divine guides exclusively for healing purposes only. She does NOT offer evidential readings to contact human spirits from parted loved ones. She gives messages only, and does not provide a full session with the departed one.

You can perfectly well and safely contact a loved one yourself

during a hypnosis session with Heloisa.

Heloisa can bring you under hypnosis to another realm where you can see and contact your loved one yourself. It’s very rewarding and healing and many clients appreciate the possibility to “communicate” with the loved ones themselves instead of getting messages through a third person.

Especially when there has been tension or any other difficult situation leading to sadness, guilt or not being able to say good-bye it’s so uplifting to “feel” the loved one and his/her emotions about it. Also, after such a session there’s always a healing therapy taking place so that you’ll feel light and healed especially when you’re still going through the mourning process.

Heal your longing, worries or any unresolved feelings, put your mind to rest and allow yourself a New Beginning in life with joy and peace ?

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Useful information About Heloisa’s Holistic Services

Complementary Medicine



  • Clinical Issues
  • Spiritual Regressions and Progression
  • Past-Lives Regression and Life Between Lives (Jouney to the Afterlife)
  • Treatments
  • Workshops

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques – Meridian Lines)

  • Tapping Therapy
  • Treatments / Distance Healing
  • Workshops

Reiki Energy Healing (Master Teacher)

  • Treatments / Distance Healing
  • Courses: I, II, III and IV Levels (Teacher Level)

FTT (Fast-Track Techniques – Magnet Healing)

  • Treatments / Distance Healing
  • Courses / Workshops

Crystal Healing

  • Treatments
  • Courses / Workshop

Events and House Pampering Services

Includes all therapies and massages too.

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Courses & Workshops

Aura Seeing & Colours Meanings

  • How to see people’s and objects’ aura
  • Learn about the colours

Pendulum Diagnosis

  • How to confirm accurate specific messages and time scales about diagnosis of illnesses and other issues


  • How to read and sense objects, photographs, etc.

DPA (Development

of Psychic Awareness)

  • How to develop all your psychic senses, your intuition.

Guided Healing Meditation

  • Including NLP, EFT, Reiki, Infinity, Crystals and Magnets.

Four-Week Mindfulness

Meditation Courses

Manesting your Dreams

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Have a look at the Therapy Pages for more details or just email Heloisa!

“I am happy to discuss the properties and advantages

of the natural therapies I offer.”

Having only your well-being in mind,

you are free to opt for any complementary therapist of your choice.

Services after Covid-19

Dear Clients and Friends,

Heloisa continues to seeing you in person, and welcomes each one of you very warmly!

According to the latest rules for Covid-19, there's now no pressure to scan the QR code for the NHS tracing app. I can reassure you, though, that there are all the preventive care in place in the home practice to keep all always safe.

In order to keep all clients safe, your temperature will still be measured, and you still need to wear a mask, and I do hope that this will be okay with you all :)

Hope you are all well and see you soon!
Best regards

Local Covid-19 isolation support advice
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