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Nine Novel Notions to Strengthen Your Mental Well-Being

Nine Novel Notions to Strengthen Your Mental Well-Being

When your mental health dips to a low ebb, the same old self-improvement tips may not be sufficient.
Jumpstart your psychological wellness with these unique methods from Heloisa.

Scheduling Time To Worry

Realize that you’ll never eliminate pressure and worry, so plan for it. Stress helps you identify threats and opportunities, so block a specific time daily to ponder your concerns. Use a journal to distinguish between challenges you can quickly resolve, problems that require a long-term plan and situations you cannot control and must learn to cope with.

Talking to Yourself

Negative self-talk pushes you further into depression, but positive self-talk equips you to manifest your goals, improve your self-image, and calm you down. Accept compliments from others and repeat your strengths to yourself to reinforce beneficial feelings.

Cleaning and Organizing Your Home

When your abode is sanitary and orderly, you have a perfect base for mental wellness. A chaotic environment, especially one that’s cluttered, can have a negative impact on your mood and your overall well-being. People often first attend to living spaces that guests visit and leave the bedroom and bathroom in disarray. The environment where you lay your head and prepare yourself for the day sets the foundation for a strong mind that can face the world. Don’t delay in turning your dwelling into a rejuvenating sanctuary.

Playing Like a Kid

Schedule yourself some playtime. Experts in play studies discovered that the joyful abandon of childlike recreation improves creativity and problem-solving. Playing with loved ones enhances relationships and lessens anxiety, so grab your water guns, pogo stick, or coloring books and have fun!

Taking a Cold Shower

This suggestion might shock you — which is precisely the point. A cold shower can offer the same antidepressant benefits as electric shock therapy without the cost or fears accompanying that treatment. When suffering a bout of depression, slowly lower the water temperature over five minutes and endure the cold water for two or three minutes for a constructive jolt to your senses.

Working From Home More Regularly

You’ll boost your mental health by eliminating a stressful commute and ensuring you get adequate rest. You save money on meals by avoiding the temptation of vending machine junk food and fast food restaurants and gain refreshment by indulging in healthy snacks. More time for your family and exercise add to your stability as well.

The work-from-home movement is rooted in improved self-care, making for happier and more productive teams. Employers hate the stress and cost of losing well-trained employees, so use that knowledge to negotiate for more consistent remote work.

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Singing Aloud

Music therapy is a cheap, easy, and time-tested mood-booster. Singing lights up portions of your brain untouched by speech as an outlet for your feelings. The practice triggers a rush of dopamine and endorphins that produce full-body awareness. Get in the habit of singing your favorite songs and consider joining a choir or band for increased benefits.

Laughing More Often

Laughter aids your immune system, helps your memory, lowers pain, and minimizes stress. Watch your favorite standup or read some humor to heal your well-being.

Practicing Forest Bathing

If you’re woefully out of touch with nature, disconnect from electronics and venture outside into the local wild. Whether a forest, beach, backyard, or park, indulge fully in the natural world’s beauty, aroma, and sounds as you allow your stress to melt away.

You don’t have to suffer in silence with emotional aches. A fresh approach can put you back in control of your mental health and prepare you to tackle the world again.
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