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The Angels Events, York

Hi Heloisa,I hope you’re well. Thank you so much for… it was so wonderful to work with you and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it… Kind Regards, Holly

Ruth Garrud

I went to see Heloisa today for the first time, she’s such a lovely woman and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed….I’m so glad I visited her, she was right about everything…I feel so much more positive and focused and know exactly what path I need to choose thank you so much xx


Really enjoyed my reading yesterday. Gave me a lot to think about and also when I got home I asked my mother whether she had lit a candle because I could smell either the scent of a candle or floral smell. I also got cold chills across my shoulders a few hours later. Anyway thank … Read more


Hi Heloisa, hope all is well with you… I had an appointment a couple of weeks ago and at that time you mentioned that I might need a session of tapping that can be carried out by yourself (you did mention that it could take two sessions and not only one for that).I can’t even … Read more


Heloisa, My friend had such a wonderful time with you, I can’t thank you enough. She seems much more settled! Rest assured our paths will cross soon ? Have a peaceful rest of the week. Cordie xx

Sonia D

Dear Heloisa, Thank you for sending me some images of your new pending website. I’m writing to give you a testimonial for your new site, I’ve never done it before, but now I feel like I really MUST! Your website looks so fantastic and all offers are shown graphically so clearly and vividly and I … Read more


Hello Heloisa, Hope you have had a fantastic summer. With all the extra enegy I have, I have been to three countries this summer oh it`s fantastic to be now.One of the Places I have been to is the Faeroe Islands. An amaising nature they have. I went on two exorsting hikes and their I … Read more

Dodu M

Hello Heloisa, Hope you’re well. Am in Spain now, trying to settle back at home after our last talk. The relationship with my family has never been so good, and am shocked to see that all was due to my own defensiveness and demons. I believed you but was skeptical and now I see that … Read more


Hi Heloisa, Just a quick message to tell you how grateful I am for the workshop we have done, it has been a great experience. I am still using the chart to find answers from Angels, it does work great!

Jan M

Dear Heloisa, I had my first reading with Heloisa after trying many years to have a baby – unsuccessfully after many IVF sessions. She said I had a very hard past -life where I’d lost a child in a very traumatic way and had then sworn never to have a child anymore. I was so … Read more


Hi Heloisa, Thank you again for the wonderful reading that you gave me on Saturday. It certainly got me thinking along different lines and you understood ME ! I have not made any rash decisions re work as you suggested (had my interview yesterday) I recently gained a nursing award from the Queen, which has … Read more

Advika, Harrogate

Hello Heloisa, I saw your email thank you for sending this email. Unfortunately, I wont be able to come on open day session due to going to Monestary for meditation camp for a weekend and have been waiting for this moment such a long time. But I will definitely come sometime in mid Feb will … Read more

Kaeira, Ilkley

Heeeey Heloisaaa! How are you? I absolutely love your new newsletter. It looks sooo good and clear!! I will be there with bells on to your open day, but also will bring some friends. I have to check to see if they are free, but when I get some confirmations, I will email you. Take … Read more

Lee, Macau

Hi Heloisa, I came to see you about 8-10 weeks ago, and I’m now, as you’ve predicted in Macau, not in Hong Kong, as I had believed! My job is exactly as you’ve said, much better than I had expected and I’m loving it. I’d never really believed I’d get this offer and cant even … Read more

Renee, Blackburn

I’ve had Skype readings with Heloisa since about two years now since she’s been to our company for an event. I’ve also often had her for house parties, and not only she’s always reliable and doesn’t mind working late to accommodate about 15 people every time, everyone gets a lot from her genuinely caring, non-judgemental … Read more

Giulia, Milano

Dear Heloisa Thanks again for another helpful, uplifting reading and all the good news about a positive outcome of a disastrous moment. All you say always comes true, so will relax and wait. Can’t actually wait, but will do, and will email or text you then when all is over (as I always do when … Read more

Clare, Avignon,

Dear Heloisa Thank you so much for the reading. It made so much sense to me, as deep down some of it I already knew, but it helped to get confirmation, and learning that my instinct is good after all and I should trust it more. Knowing that there will be a successful outcome even … Read more

Amy in Skypton

Heloisa came to read for guests at a charity event that was organised by Skipton Building Society and Homeloan Management. She added that ‘something different’ to our event and we’ve had nothing but praise from members of the general public and participants of the 24 hour event. In a trade that people can be sceptical … Read more

Catherine, London

Hi Heloisa, I hope you are well, and I wanted to thank you again for your reading and guidance, and also wanted to give you some feedback. You were right about me doing a different job within the same company. I found it really hard to believe at first because it seemed impossible that this … Read more

Lisa, Geneva

Dear Heloisa, Just to give you a bit of feedback on our last card reading session over skype: I had told you that my fiancee who currently lives abroad would come to Geneva for an exhibition and asked you to read my/our cards. In his cards you saw that this trip would be negative for … Read more