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Joann, Pitman Training

Dear Heloisa Just a quick note to thank you very much for yesterday, it was fantastic, it was lovely to meet you and everybody thoroughly enjoyed it! Hopefully see you again soon. Kind Regards Joann, Pitman Training, Wetherby.


Dear Heloisa, I can’t believe it, guest what? Do you remember that you said back in July that I was going to meet someone in about a week, and would hear from him again after about four weeks? Well, I did meet him, and then I received an email from him asking for some information … Read more

Lizzie, Leeds

Heloisa’s reading was very accurate and friendly and helped me to realize how to improve things and to stop worrying. I’ll definitely go back, it was accurate and gave me advice I can’t get elsewhere. I found the office hard to find but it has a really nice atmosphere, and I’d definitely recommend Heloisa.

Haider, Bradford

Hi Heloisa, i have been to see you every other week since June 08, at first i was thinking lets see and then when i had my first reading you got things so right about me, and what was going to happen then, or going to take place soon, since then every time i have … Read more

Nyarai, Leeds

The reading with Heloisa was very accurate, especially my personal life and situation. It was very helpful regarding my relationship and career, and I will especially go back when I should need to know anything specific about the future. I’d certainly recommend Heloisa as it is very reassuring when one is confused about what to … Read more

Dianne, Leeds

Hi Heloisa I hope you are well. I would just like to give you some feedback on a recent reading I had with you. I felt many benefits, the reading was accurate and clear. This in turn helped me find answers to what was going on around me at the time, and It helped me … Read more

Vasanti, Botswana

Heloisa’s readings are VERY ACCURATE and very detailed. I always feel good after the readings and they always give me hope and most of all peace. That is what I can remember most – the feeling of great satisfaction.When I first heard that heloisa was done without the use of tarot cards, i was a … Read more

Chryssy, Australia

Heloisa’s readings are one of the most valuable, and eerily accurate that I have found in my travels around the world so far… I would recommend anybody to see her if they can – I miss you very much Heloisa! Will definitely be coming to see you next time im in Leeds ? Thanks again … Read more

Sue, Rome

Hi Heloisa My situation now calmed down, exactly as you said, actually in the week you said it would, but when can I visit you again? He even used the same words you’ve used, amazing. I know you said it wouldn’t change much then, but I havne’t had time to ask about my job as … Read more

Ruby, Leeds

Hey Heloisa, How are you? Just wanted to say that since Reiki I have felt more relaxed, more at peace and in general I haven’t worried about some things. It’s strange. I just feel different in myself but for the better x I hope your well x