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My colleague and fellow reiki

My colleague and fellow reiki sister and I had the pleasure of completing reiki 1 and 2 with Heloisa. This lady is both knowledgeable and intuitive. She gave good explanations to all our questions and the course was a pleasure to be part of. I personally feel more at peace and this is the start … Read more

I have recently completed Reiki

I have recently completed Reiki Level 2 with Heloisa. It was incredible, the energy received after her attunements and the knowledge she has on treatments were exceptional. I would recommend this to anyone interested in energy healing, you will not regret it!

Chris on Aphantasia

Hey Heloisa. Are you aware of a disorder called aphantasia? It is where you have no visual imagination. They say it’s called being born without a mind’s eye, and it’s where you can’t picture images in the mind. It’s just blank. I have only just found out about this and I actually suffer from it. … Read more

Eddie on Reiki I Course, Leeds

In 2021 I worked with Heloisa for several months, receiving reiki healing. The benefits gained from the healing were profound and encouraged me to also complete my reiki level 1. Heloisa was understanding, empathetic and informative. She encouraged and guided me through the healing process, providing help and support throughout. I noticed many positive changes … Read more

Chiho on Pet Distant Reiki Healing

Heloisa’s Reiki healing significantly improved wellbeing of my cat. Since her treatment, my cat has clearly calmed down and became much more relaxed. He also stopped miaowing at night. She even managed to identify his trauma by reading his early developmental history very accurately. I definitely recommend Heloisa’s animal Reiki, if you want to heal … Read more

Lesley Walters

Helouisa, I had just one healing session with you and you changed my way of thinking and living my life. It took me a while but I am now very happy and have always wanted to say thank you Xx 28/06/2018 Heloisa Stephan 28/06/2018 Hi Lesley, thank you so much for taking the time to … Read more

Mohamed, Leeds

Hi Heloisa,Wanted to share how I was for the past days. I would say I had small traces of anxiety maybe for 5-10 mins but I was able to manage it and I have a feeling inside saying in alright and I will be fine in sometime (whenever the anxiety comes). Sleeping is really good, … Read more

Lesley Walters

Helouisa, I had just one healing session with you and you changed my way of thinking and living my life. It took me a while but I am now very happy and have always wanted to say thank you Xx

Dancer at Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Meeting Heloisa and accepting doing the Inner Child Therapy was definitely a turning point in my life. I got instantly connected to my emotions, my energy and the perceptions I have from my surroundings. After the therapy, I started to dream a lot – still do – and throughout the day I would remember random … Read more

Kin, Leeds

Hi Heloisa, I feel free after session lost million stone from my soul, I’m not unhappy, I’m live alive new rebirth. Since then though all will be fine. I was before session like i bothered was hurt crying, but now i’m saying straight bye and finished relation with last one boyfriend. Can’t be bothered i … Read more


Thank you Heloisa ☺️I feel that something has shifted and quite emotional at times! I will carry on with it and let you know. Kind regards, Emma x


Dear Heloisa, Just to let you know how life has been since our sessions. I’m so happy and still can’t believe that the excruciating pain that I had for years in my knees has gone for good! After all sorts of examinations and scans and being told that there’s nothing the doctors can do I’d … Read more

Kaeira, Ilkley

Heeeey Heloisaaa! How are you? I absolutely love your new newsletter. It looks sooo good and clear!! I will be there with bells on to your open day, but also will bring some friends. I have to check to see if they are free, but when I get some confirmations, I will email you. Take … Read more

Marisha, Germany

Dear Heloisa, I can’t say enough thank you for your caring and wise advice last month. I’ve been through such a lot of turmoil for the past year, going through losses, disappointment, poor health and emotional break down and finally I’ve met you! Thank God! After our session I’ve felt so relieved, calm, and again … Read more

Ney, Florida

Hi Heloisa Just to thank you for your support during a very difficult time. I had lost hope, and I thank you that you brought it back to me. As you said, I’m back to normal, healthy again and full of life – so endlessly grateful. Bless you. Ney x.

Sandra, London

Dear Helosia, After many months of agony and many comforting readings I finally have the relationship I was hoping for so long – he contacted me from Hong Kong exactly in the predicted week! In time he actually confirmed what you were talking about all along, so just wanted to give you this feedback. Thanks … Read more

Liz, Norfolk

Dear Heloisa Words can’t express what you have meant to me and all my family. You’re a gifted, loving and giving soul and I am so immensely grateful for having found your website. You’ve been great help to me, and I know you do the same to others and am grateful to my angels who … Read more


Once again I have come away from my session with me feeling amazing, and much clearer and positive, thank you so much:) See you soon, love, Danielle.

Jodie, Birmingham

Hello Helosia I hope you’re well. I just wanted to wish you Happy Easter and say that all you said unfortunately happened and I find myself in deep sadness, but also know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and all will be just past sorrow. I can’t wait to move back in … Read more

Tina, Georgien

Dear Heloisa, Thanks again for your nice conversation and advice. It was great pleasure to meet you. Sorry that it was on my last day in Leeds, but at the same time it seems like destiny, to make that decision that we agreed a day before to returning to my old life, which is going … Read more