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Chris on Aphantasia

Hey Heloisa. Are you aware of a disorder called aphantasia? It is where you have no visual imagination. They say it’s called being born without a mind’s eye, and it’s where you can’t picture images in the mind. It’s just blank. I have only just found out about this and I actually suffer from it. It’s very interesting. I wasn’t aware people were different and could actually see vivid images in the mind. I don’t see anything. The reason I mention it is because I intend to do Reiki and help heal others, but I suspect some wording and design would be different for people with aphantasia. The Reiki obviously still works as it’s energy etc, but for mindfulness and meditation I think it’s different as we with aphantasia can’t see images like a relaxing sunset. We can sense it and imagine it, but we can’t see any pictures. Just thinking about it. Would love to talk to you about it at some point. X

“My goodness, no, I didn’t know that! Yes very probably! I will read it asap and come back to you on it if that’s okay?
Thanks a lot for sharing it! I know about people who can only see things in black and white in dreams…” Heloisa xx