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Mohamed, Leeds

Hi Heloisa,
Wanted to share how I was for the past days. I would say I had small traces of anxiety maybe for 5-10 mins but I was able to manage it and I have a feeling inside saying in alright and I will be fine in sometime (whenever the anxiety comes). Sleeping is really good, no breaks in between, and I sleep for 8 hours. I am more into eating natural food now and more concerned about my well being.

Another thing is I can see so much difference towards my behaviour towards the nature, and even my though process. I was going to buy some stuff to clean the drainage and it said “harmful to aquatic life” I couldn’t buy it, I had such a string thought which pulled me back from doing it. I think u can’t do anything like that anymore, I am more considerate towards my fellow living beings now. A lot of people come towards me for help nowadays, and the good thing is I am able to help the needy.

Dreams: …I was very curious and wondering what it was, not scared though.

One last thing, I think girls are also getting attracted, I am just being careful to avoid some mishap.