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Kin, Leeds

Hi Heloisa,

I feel free after session lost million stone from my soul, I’m not unhappy, I’m live alive new rebirth.

Since then though all will be fine. I was before session like i bothered was hurt crying, but now i’m saying straight bye and finished relation with last one boyfriend. Can’t be bothered i have so many things to do and don’t want to let ppl treat me like i don’t want. I had session last year and didn’t book anything after I wanted to book a session as a didn’t finish with my childhood and wanted to ask to you about I wanted to change subconscious and my sense is telling me session is needed.

It works as I met partner and I’m over 1 y in relationship. You told to my subconscious that will meet up man who won’t let me go And it’s a fact. And in hypnosis when you asked me what do I see in next 5 y I’ve seen child and was pregnant 2 month ago but miscarriage… Problem is… ….if I’m working hard and it’s from my childhood… …After my last session I had very sensitive subconscious. I’ve got so loads things to do in my life want to do hypnotherapy as a course.

Your treatment changed my life. Thank you so much!