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Universe & You – 11 Steps to Co-Create the Life You Desire

My daughter, the Therapist & Coach Lais Stephan, wrote and just published her book “Universe & You”: 11 Steps to Co-Create The Life You Desire.

It is a book with descriptive tips in how to manifest your dream life and encompasses also the corresponding meditations that she devised and music that was especially composed for her meditations.

I’m excited to share that it is already available for pre-orders! If you live in the UK, check her book here:

If you live elsewhere, check the link below where you can pre-order your copy.

The book is written in a humorous, light-hearted way in the Universe’s POV. It takes women on a journey towards empowerment through 12 powerfully guided meditations which will help with:

  • increasing your spiritual awareness
  • being able to visualise and communicate with a higher force (the Universe) communicating with your archetypal energy to understand your shadow self better and how to make use of your talents and gifts when co-creating with the Universe
  • releasing and healing energetic blockages from the past: be it childhood trauma, negative womb memories, ancestral baggage and generational trauma, past life traumas, limiting beliefs & fears and trapped emotions
  • building up a more mindful routine with gratitude, self-compassion and meditation
  • learning how to use all sensorial faculties when manifesting
  • working with the power of the word
  • working on your “receiving muscle” so you don’t subconsciously block your desires from arriving because of feelings of unworthiness
  • learning how to give in a way that accelerates the co-creation process
  • learning how to channel what inspired action to take to co-create your desire
  • the importance of building synergies and releasing those which aren’t in your highest good
  • learning about the art of letting go and surrendering

Who is Lais Stephan?

Lais Stephan is a half Brazilian, half German modern-day spiritual leader, Psychic Healer, writer, and Women’s Empowerment Coach. She assists women with increasing their co-creation and abundance energy by releasing traumatic memories from their bodies, minds and souls, and by teaching them how to tap into their own intuitive gifts, so that they can co-create the life they desire and deserve to live.

After more than a decade of working with thousands of women around the world through her intensive one-on-one programs and her online group courses, she decided to make an even bigger impact though her writing.

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