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Smoking Cessation with Hypnotherapy


When you want to reliably stop or diminish smoking in a long-lasting way.


Two one-hour therapy sessions, paid in advance (+ Professionally brain entrainment tailored approx. 45-min CD)

Smoking Cessation (Two sessions plus a tailored hypnotic 45-min CD for use in the subsequent 21 days.) The CD is professionally tailored after you filling in an approx.15-page form with all relevant information needed to address all there should be as (unresolved) reasons or issues leading to the unwanted habit.

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Please note that Hypnotherapy is the most personal, therefore very powerful and long-lasting healing technique available to human mind. It works best when you can completely relax and let go of all control without becoming anxious.

The deeper you can go under trance, the more repetitions of relevant healing and suggestions, the more long-lasting it is.

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