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Future Life Progression

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When you have the curiosity, urge or need for reliable information about your soul journey, future life issues or a specific issue you need to know whether and how it will be resolved.

When in inexplicable chronic anxiety about an issue in life, or frustrated with your own rather short term results about emotional or mental distress, fear or the insight that you cannot handle or resolve your issues on your own in a long lasting way.


Future Life Progression (FLP) to investigate, explore and uncover a relevant issue in your life in the future and how to get there.

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Please note that Hypnotherapy is the most personal, therefore very powerful and long-lasting healing technique available to human mind. It works best when you can completely relax and let go of all control without becoming anxious.

The deeper you can go under trance, the more repetitions of relevant healing and suggestions, the more long-lasting it is.

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One hour therapy session