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Clinical/Spiritual HypnoTherapy



Hypno-Psychotherapy for all clinical issues eg.

  • Pain management
  • Fears
  • Anger Management, etc.

Hypno-Psychotherapy for spiritual purposes eg.
Past-Life, Life Between Lives Regression and Life Progression.

Any hypnosis therapy can be combined with Reiki Energy for relaxation and healing purposes too. Please let me know your requirement.

Additional information


One-hour Past-Life Regression (PLR), One-hour Life Progression (LP), Any hour Hypno-Psychotherapy Session, Any Ninety-minute Hypno-Psychotherapy Session, Two-hour Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR), Any Two-hour Hypno-Psychotherapy Session, Two and a half-hour Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR), Any Three-hour Hypno-Psychotherapy Session, Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis, Gastric Band under Hypnosis