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Life Between Lives Regression


You have the curiosity, urge or need to know more about your soul journey, spiritual provenance, future path, where you find yourself now and how to handle the rest of your life to achieve your own set life lessons or mission.

When in inexplicable chronic anxiety about an issue in life, or frustrated with your own rather short term results about emotional or mental distress, fear or the insight that you cannot resolve your issues on your own without aquiring valuable information from the Divine and your own soul.


This is a two-hour therapy session

Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR) investigates, explores and uncovers relevant in-depth information about what lives you had before the current one, what important things happened, with whom, why and what kind of lessons you had or wanted to learn after them, and most importantly, what is the purpose of this life now.

It also includes a therapy to heal if any unresolved issues might have caused distress or physical manifestations then or in your current lifetime.

This is the most spiritual, fulfilling and rewarding therapy available to date and fills us with Divine Love and bliss when we connect directly to the Source.


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Please note that Hypnotherapy is the most personal, therefore very powerful and long-lasting healing technique available to human mind. It works best when you can completely relax and let go of all control without becoming anxious.

The deeper you can go under trance, the more repetitions of relevant healing and suggestions, the more long-lasting it is.

Here you can see more information about this most spiritual regression of all.

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