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Simple Tips for Getting the Best Rest Possible

Couple in the same bed sleeoing but eac one laying in different directions

Do you struggle with getting enough sleep each night? If so, you have likely noticed that your quality of life isn’t quite what it should be.
From the physical side effects to the emotional turmoil associated with sleep deprivation, failure to get a good night’s sleep can have a
profound impact on your overall mental health. Consider the following suggestions.

Why Sleep Is So Important

The importance of sleep isn’t fully understood. However, we know enough that most experts will cite alertness, memory and cognition, a better immune system, and damage repair as reasons that sleep is crucial to your health. UnityPoint Health also asserts that you’ll have more
energy after you sleep — meaning, you are more likely to be more active during the day. This, in turn, can help you wear out your body so that
you are physically ready for sleep when it is bedtime once again.

Reclaiming Your Rest 

When it comes to sleep, it’s not just what you do when your head hits the pillow that makes or breaks the night. Here are a few tips to help you get your best rest so that you can settle in for a solid eight hours:

  •  Schedule a Reiki session with Heloisa Stephan. Reiki treatments promote calmness, positivity, and healing, and they can have tremendous benefits for your sleep quality even after just one session. Reiki will also impact other areas of your life, making you feel more relaxed and at peace even during difficult times.
  •  Eliminate anxiety during the day. Anxiety can have a negative effect on your day and night. If you’ve tried meditating or reducing outside stressors to no avail, maybe it’s time to try something different. Therapeutic glasses (or “brain glasses”) reduce visual stimuli, which can improve neurological function. Studies have shown that using these glasses inhibits the psychological response to anxiety. 
  •  Renovate your bedroom. Is it time for a new mattress? What about new sheets and pillows? If you have carpeting, it might be time to remove it in order to reduce allergens. The good news is that in addition to helping you sleep, certain improvements to your home can also boost its value come appraisal time. 
  •  Listen to music to wind down. Music can help you relax. DreamPad explains that some music is better than others. Enya, Coldplay, and Mozart all make the list of artists that are most effective at reducing stress before bed. Invest in good Bluetooth speakers, set up loud enough to hear the music but low enough so that you don’t get distracted. Listen for a few minutes before you turn down the sheets. 
  •  Listen to hypnotic sleep music. This is another option for playing soothing tunes at bedtime. This type of music is designed to hypnotize you into a deep, restful sleep without the use of medication.
  •  Meditate. Whether at night or during the day, meditation has a variety of emotional and physical health benefits, including improved sleep quality, reduced anxiety, and eased muyscle tension. If you’re new to meditation, Heloisa Stephan’s weekly group meditation classes will help you learn this timeless skill.

Table of Contents

  •   Take a bath. A warm bath is a wonderful way to lower your heart rate and ease your body into a state of sleep.  
  •  Turn off the television and your phone. The light that emits from the device you’re reading this on right now can mess with your sleep. One blogger from The Thirty cites a study from the National Sleep Foundation that backs this up. Plan to turn off your phone, television, and other devices about half an hour before you go to bed. Your brain and body will thank you by shutting down quicker and getting more restful sleep. 
  •   Eat a healthy — and light — snack. While no one wants to go to sleep on a heavy stomach, a quick snack of almonds, yogurt, or rice keeps you full enough so that you are not thinking about breakfast by 10 PM. Some foods also contain compounds that help your body produce melatonin and tryptophan, both crucial hormones for sleep. 
  •    Have sex. Speaking of hormones: Having sex, despite being an arousing activity, can actually help you sleep better. When you are physically close to someone else, especially when you have an orgasm, your body makes oxytocin and prolactin. Women benefit even more since sex ups estrogen levels, which can make deep sleep more attainable.

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