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Pendulum Diagnosis Course

Course Contents:

    • Cleaning the Pendulum.

    • Energizing the Pendulum.

    • Using the Pendulum in a Reading.

    • Using the Pendulum during Reiki Treatments.


* Please note that there’s a charge of around 4% for card payment. If you pay cash the fee for this course is £130.


Use the pendulum to diagnose and confirm clients’ spiritual, emotional, mental and physical issues.

Course Contents:

  • Learn all you can do with a Pendulum.
  • Cleansing and energising the pendulum.
  • Using the Pendulum as a diagnostic tool during Reiki Treatments.
  • Learn how to ascertain chakras issues.
  • Learn how to ascertain what is wrong, how, where, since when, why, caused by what or whom.
  • How to ascertain a diagnosis with the pendulum during a healing session.
  • What can one do with the pendulum apart from healing diagnosis.