Pendulum Diagnosis Course

Course Contents:

    • Cleaning the Pendulum.

    • Energizing the Pendulum.

    • Using the Pendulum in a Reading.

    • Using the Pendulum during Reiki Treatments.


* Please note that there’s a charge of around 4% for card payment. If you pay cash the fee for this course is £130.


Use the pendulum to diagnose and confirm clients’ spiritual, emotional, mental and physical issues.

Course Contents:

  • Learn all you can do with a Pendulum.
  • Cleansing and energising the pendulum.
  • Using the Pendulum as a diagnostic tool during Reiki Treatments.
  • Learn how to ascertain chakras issues.
  • Learn how to ascertain what is wrong, how, where, since when, why, caused by what or whom.
  • How to ascertain a diagnosis with the pendulum during a healing session.
  • What can one do with the pendulum apart from healing diagnosis.

Services after Covid-19

Dear Clients and Friends,

Heloisa continues to seeing you in person, and welcomes each one of you very warmly!

According to the latest rules for Covid-19, there's now no pressure to scan the QR code for the NHS tracing app. I can reassure you, though, that there are all the preventive care in place in the home practice to keep all always safe.

In order to keep all clients safe, your temperature will still be measured, and you still need to wear a mask, and I do hope that this will be okay with you all :)

Hope you are all well and see you soon!
Best regards

Local Covid-19 isolation support advice
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