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Hypnotic Pain Management Program


  • When in inexplicable chronic physical pain.
  • Frustrated with your own rather short term results.
  • In emotional or mental distress.
  • Fear or the insight that you cannot handle your physical pain anymore.
  • Resolve it in a long lasting way.



  • Hypnotic Pain Management for a set of three to six sessions (depending on the severity of the pain assessed) with different tools and techniques.
  • Hypnotic Parts Integration Therapy to investigate, clarify and heal any unresolved and/or suppressed, trapped emotions or conditioning issues leading to the unwanted inexplicable pain.
  • Meridian Therapies also with Magnetized Crystals to investigate deeper, if needed.
  • Reiki Activation to heal more deeply.
  • EFT for immediate healing too

Additional information
Please note that Hypnotherapy is the most personal, therefore very powerful and long lasting healing technique available to human mind. It works best when you can completely relax and let go of all control without becoming anxious.

  • The deeper you can go under trance, the more repetitions of relevant healing and suggestions, the more long lasting it is.
  • EFT is a technique that ascertains immediate healing through the meridians and very effective too if you cannot relax enough or prefer it.

Additional information


Five one hour sessions, paid in advance for only four sessions, Six one-hour sessions, paid in advance, Three one hour sessions, paid in advance