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Group Healing the Inner Child with five healing techniques


Flexible, usually Saturdays.

Booking / Cancellation / Refund / Service Exchange Policy Please note that there’s a 24-hour booking/cancellation policy for all appointments after which no refund, only up to twice rescheduling/exchange is possible.

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If you have an issue that needs revisiting with hypnosis to a time of an unresolved conflict to make sure you understand what really happened and be able to let it go and rest in peace, this is the healing workshop for you.

With this Workshop you can heal all your unresolved issues, let them go, and declare yourself ready to manifest all your innermost desires, finally!

With hypnosis, EFT, Reiki chakras attunements or activations, Infinity, and FTT (Magnetised Crystals and the Emotion Code) you will most definitely be healed in those 4-5 hours, and you will be able to manifest whatever you want or desire then, apart from feeling light, healed and blessed.

Note that this Workshop only will take place when there are at least 2 people enrolled for it. And please remember that if you bring another person to the workshop, even if online, you both get a discount of 20%, in which case I will refund you the right amount.

This is not a workshop for traumatic memories.

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In Person, Via Video: Google Teams, MIcrosoft Teams, Skype, or WhatsApp.


Aspect 14, Elmwood Lane, Leeds LS2 8WH, United Kingdom, Via VIdeo, Google Meet, MIcrosoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp


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