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Time To Cut Out The Caffeine

Like cigarettes and alcohol, caffeine can fast become a nasty addiction. Your trusty morning fix can quickly escalate and before you know it, you won’t be able to wander past a coffee shop without popping in for a swift espresso before your next meeting.

If you’ve ever kick-started a new diet, you’ll know coffee is one of the hardest things – even over cake, chocolate and crisps – to cut out. Regular coffee drinkers may even find they suffer headaches, fatigue and, sometimes, mood swings. But like it or not, the first step to wellness is definitely by ditching your weekly jar and replacing it with something much kinder to your body and mind.

While coffee might form an ‘essential’ part of your diet, there really is a dark side to becoming dependent on this break-time favourite. If you’re thinking of quitting, it may well have something to do with any one of the many side-effects I’m about to list; cardiovascular problems, stress, emotional troubles, irritability, gastrointestinal problems, aging, adrenal exhaustion: these are just a few harsh side effects on the ever-growing list of drawbacks to drinking coffee. You really don’t need coffee in your diet, so make it your New Year’s Resolution to avoid it entirely.

Planning to follow a nutrition plan in the New Year? You have probably already been tasked with cutting out the hot beverage, and the easiest way to do it is simply by not buying it. If you must, avoid the coffee aisle completely in the supermarket and instead ask a friend or partner to stock up your cupboards with herbal tea or mineral water.

If you’re setting out on a diet anyway, it’s just one more little thing to cut out. Plus, get through the first couple of days without a coffee and it’s likely you won’t even want one soon.

During this, let’s call it a ‘recovery phase’ try to avoid the office kitchen, too. It may seem silly but it really is worth taking yourself out of any situation where coffee may well feature, at least for the first few days. In the office, fill up a jug with cold, fresh water at the beginning of the day and you’ll find it much easier to get through the eight or so hours ahead.

A great, well-balanced diet isn’t just about food; it’s important to make good choices on the drink front, too. Cut out alcohol if you can and instead add herbal teas and water to your diet, for optimum nutrition.

Struggling to kick the coffee habit? Try to wean yourself off it initially, by first cutting down to one a day, moving onto one cup every couple of days, and seeing how you go from there. If you haven’t yet considered a tailored nutrition plan, maybe getting one drawn up will help you on your way to wellness – and get you there much quicker.

Start your New Year the right way with great nutrition and everything else will follow – good luck!