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Our aim is to provide unparalleled caring service, whilst at the same time guaranteeing you a healing experience you will be talking about for months.
We are the best at what we do as all we do is out of genuine will to help. Most of our clients are recurrent clients who rave about our services, therapies, treatments & workshops and say that Heloisa can soothe the nerves of even the most anxious.
We give you warm, personal attention, and Heloisa is always prepared, calm, and dedicated to making you feel at ease and to get to the bottom of any issue.

<span>, December 2018</span>
"I went to see Heloisa today for the first time, she’s such a lovely woman and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed….
I’m so glad I visited her, she was right about everything…
I feel so much more positive and focused and know exactly what path I need to choose �� thank you so much xx
- Ruth Garrud, December 2018
<span>, The Angels Events, York</span>
"Hi Heloisa,I hope you’re well? Thank you so much for… it was so wonderful to work with you and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it…

Kind Regards, Holly"

- Holly, 2018, The Angels Events, York
<span>, Dancer at Northern School of Contemporary Dance</span>
"Meeting Heloisa and accepting doing the Inner Child Therapy was definitely a turning point in my life. I got instantly connected to my emotions, my energy and the perceptions I have from my surroundings.
After the therapy, I started to dream a lot – still do – and throughout the day I would remember random experiences or even sudden mood changes. It’d make me feel a bit scared but it’s all part of the healing and I trust it.

Little by little, I started to connect more with good energies around me and distancing myself from the bad ones – everything became clearer to my eyes and my path is definitely brighter.
I would recommend anyone that desires to reconnect with themselves and their inner child to contact Heloisa. You’ll be in good hands."
- Ricardo Pereira, 2017, Dancer at Northern School of Contemporary Dance
<span>, August 2017</span>
"I know Heloisa last 9 years now she is one of best psychic reader ever i know anyone. Picks up on the situation very quickly and always her predictions come true. Love her bits"
- Tushita, August 2017
<span>, November 2016</span>
"Really enjoyed my reading yesterday. Gave me a lot to think about and also when I got home I asked my mother whether she had lit a candle because I could smell either the scent of a candle or floral smell. I also got cold chills across my shoulders a few hours later. Anyway thank you for the reading and hope you have a nice rest of your weekend. 🙂 Benjamin"
- Benjamin, November 2016
<span>, April 2016</span>
"Hi Heloisa,


hope all is well with you… I had an appointment a couple of weeks ago and at that time you mentioned that I might need a session of tapping that can carried out by yourself (you did mention that it could take two sessions and not only one for that).
I can’t even describe how much wonderful that session was, it’s been a very long time since I felt that much inner peace and in all that time I had nothing inside me but feeling positive and relieved, I want to thank you for that and for giving me that feeling
I was wondering if I can book an appointment with you on Saturday 7 of coming month… any time between 10:30am 12:00pm on that day.

Please let me know if you can arrange an appointment for me on that day, much appreciated again for all your help and kindness

Yours Sincerely


- Mustafa, April 2016
<span>, February 2016</span>
My friend had such a wonderful time with you, I can’t thank you enough.
She seems much more settled!
Rest assured our paths will cross soon 🙂 Have a peaceful rest of the week.
Cordie xx
- Cordelia, February 2016
<span>, August 2015</span>
"Hello Heloisa,Hope you have had a fantastic summer. With all the extra enegy I have, I have been to three countries this summer oh it`s fatastic to be now.One of the Places I have been to is the Faeroe Islands. An amaising nature they have. I went on two exorsting hikes and their I had the chance to controle that my knees are in fantastic condition again, so thank you Heloisa.Hope to see you in Denmark soon.Best regards Lene"
- Lene, August 2015
<span>, January 2016</span>
Dear Heloisa,
Thank you for sending me some images of your new pending website. I’m writing to give you a testimonial for your new site, I’ve never done it before, but now I feel like I really MUST! Your website looks so fantastic and all offers are shown graphically so clearly and vividly and I totally and utterly love it!
I’ve been coming to you since about 10 years now and have probably booked and benefitted from all of your different services many times as they were much needed in my past.
I count you to the biggest blessing in my life especially during the years of upheavals and you were always a source of strength, and empowerment for me. I truly don’t know where I’d be today without your presence and help.
My children saw me change from the frightened, reserved and constantly worried mum into a strong and confident person who managed to let go of my fears of abandonment, lack of security and self-esteem to become a happy woman who now loves and enjoys her life, children and even my caring husband who I allowed to control and abuse me for many years.
The biggest achievement for me was to transform not only mine, but all our lives to the better without losing one another and after years of abuse and humiliation now to have a loving man who in time has understood and respected the change in me and accepted a new beginning without control and even aggression.
A very hard lesson that cost me a lot of tears and strength and I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for the person I am now and for the life that I can look forward to now.
Also my husband is thankful for the insight into his life. I’ll continue to book very now and again just to prepare myself for my fate and know about what is in store for me so I can again prevent things from really happening and with the preventive healing therapies as they’ve always helped me go through anything and everything in the past, also my demanding job.
By the way I did get that dream job I asked you about the last time I saw you. Like every time you were again so right and they actually offered me the position exactly with the words you’ve used about my background and life experiences.
Thank you is not enough so God bless you every day and take care and keep your sanity for all other people who will come needing your caring services. xxxx Sonia, 27/01/16
- Sonia D, January 2016
<span>, February 2015</span>
"Thank you Heloisa ☺️I feel that something has shifted and quite emotional at times! I will carry on with it and let you know.Kind regards, Emma x"
- Emma, February 2015
<span>, Student, September 2014</span>
Dear Heloisa,
I am just e-mailing to say a massive thank you for your help during the time that I came to you for the tarot card reading and EFT treatment.
Your predictions were right. And the EFT technique has helped me so much.
I have now completed my degree (UNBELIEVABLY!!) and I now am in happy relationship too.
The meeting with you actually hekped me to start making decisions and turn my life around.Thank you.
I will recommend you to friends in Leeds.
How are you? I hope you have been well.
Best, Emily
- Emily, Student, September 2014
<span>, March 2014</span>
"My dear Heloisa,

oh, what a session today again!

I am SO tired right now. It took a lot of energy from me today. Blown away, yet again…

I am sorry to take something like this on you again 😛 I did not expect anything like this today…but does make all sense in the end if we look at it from a wide picture. I’ve been quite surprised though that some things I’ve been kind of suspecting, I realized now, like pretty much since ever? – the thing with my mum, and that with that girl…. and they were true.

I also realized that you know, I’ve been since ever ABSOLUTELY scared of… Since I was a child, it got better since I moved to England, but I have never been fond of them. I’ve been pretty impressed though. Maybe I do have all the answers to my questions in myself.

Heloisa once again, I want to thank you for your help and SUPPORT and for your dedication as well. It’s invaluable for me and it means so so so much for me. I just wanted to make sure that you know it."

- Michaela, Leeds, March 2014
<span>, September 2013</span>
"Dear Heloisa,

Just to let you know how life has been since our sessions. I’m so happy and still can’t believe that the excruciating pain that I had for years in my knees has gone for good! After all sorts of examinations and scans and being told that there’s nothing the doctors can do I’d lost faith completely.
Blessed the day I went for a reading and you told me this was related to a past-life incident. I feel very confident and positive since the Reiki session and my partner will make an appointment with you too. He’s not anxious as I am and is interested in a hypnosis session to discover what makes him so scared of mills.

Thank you and take care of your gifted self. Ariana xxx"

- Ariana, Glasgow, September 2013
<span>, Castleford, March 2013</span>
"Hello Heloisa,

Hope you’re well. Am in Spain now, trying to settle back at home after our last talk.

The relationship with my family has never been so good, and am shocked to see that all was due to my own defensiveness and demons. I believed you but was sceptical and now I see that all the healing was really much needed to have the life I wanted for so long years.

I’ll stay in touch and always grateful for all the help you provided to take me out of depression and low self-esteem that took over decades of my life. Being really honest, when you said I could come out of it completely, I was so cynical that started the therapies with you just to prove you wrong and stay in my known misery.

Luckily for me, you did awaken in me enough trust and faith in you to start a series of healing sessions that probably included all the techniques you offer hehe.

Actuslly apart from hypnosis which I couldn’t think of doing. This feedback is to encourage anyone who embarks on a healing journey with you. I always felt at ease, accepted and never judged for all my limitations and addiction. Haha, can you remember the day you’ve discovered that the girlfriend that every other sychic had always said I had, was actually the bottle of beer? haha. Told my family, we burst out laughing.

Now I can laugh about it. Thanks to your caring and convincing or trustwrthy words about Reiki, Infinity, EFT (?) I’ve healed my clinical depression for good and can’t believe I don’t drink at all anymore. Shame about the girlfried though hehe.

Btw, after 57 years I’ve been talking for the very first time with a lady in my entire life and feel for the first time that I’m worthy of people’s love and enjoy time with her. I know now to embrace life and look forward to the time I’ll be confident enough to date her. Inshallah hehe.

Thank you Heloisa and may Allah continue to bless and reward you for all your good works. Dodu. xx"

- Dodu M., Castleford, March 2013
<span>, October 2012</span>

Dear Heloisa,

I had my first reading with Heloisa after trying many years to have a baby – unsuccessfully after many IVF sessions.

She said I had a very hard past -life where I’d lost a child in a very traumatic way and had then sworn never to have a child anymore. I was so bewildered and actually speechless but Heloisa has this so genuine energy that it was perfectly viable to me and I agreed to do a Reiki session to free myself from that traumatic experience and consequent decision.

I was recommended to take the Reiki over hypnotherapy so that I wouldn’t be put into the position of seeing, feeling or remembering any of those memories even if just seeing it from above. I totally trusted Heloisa’s discernment and ability to heal me.

She saw and told me what had happened in a brief report and I must say that even though I was very, very anxious at the beginning, it completely went away and when quite relaxed I remembered in my childhood always being overly worried about my younger sister sitting in the back of the car on her own and possibly suffocate. This session was years ago.

Today I’m the happiest mum of two sweet girls and know that the oldest one is the one I’ve actually lost then.

I thank the day I’ve seen Heloisa’s name online and did what I at the time never had done and dared a visit to a psychic and intuitive healer. I’ll always go back when in need of guidance or healing and wish Heloisa the happiest life possible.

Bless you Heloisa and please never ever leave Leeds! If you do I’ll have it all via Skype too but actually prefer it being personally in your amazing office. xx Thanks a lot, heloisa

- Jan M., October 2012
<span>, March 2012</span>

Hi Heloisa,
Thank you again for the wonderful reading that you gave me on Saturday.
It certainly got me thinking along different lines and you understood ME !
I have not made any rash decisions re work as you suggested (had my interview yesterday)
I recently gained a nursing award from the Queen, which has made it all the more difficult to contemplate “abandoning “
You may not remember the minutiae of my hour but you were VERY good.
Thank you again, x Sally"

- Sally, March 2012
<span>, January 2012</span>

Heeeey Heloisaaa! How are you? I absolutely love your new newsletter. It looks sooo good and clear!! I will be there with bells on to your open day, but also will bring some friends. I have to check to see if they are free, but when I get some confirmations, I will email you. Take care! Peace, Love and Blessing. Kaeira XX"

- Kaeira, Ilkley, January 2012
<span>, 12/12/12</span>

Hi Heloisa, Just a quick message to tell you how grateful I am for the workshop we have done, it has been a great experience. I am still using the chart to find answers from Angels, it does work great!"

- Helen, 12/12/12
<span>, January 2012</span>
Hello Heloisa, I saw your email thank you for sending this email. Unfortunately, I wont be able to come on open day session due to going to Monestary for meditation camp for a weekend and have been waiting for this moment such a long time. But I will definitely come sometime in mid Feb will let you know  before. Hope you alright and am really proud of you the way you doing your professional and must say you are wonderful and experienced tarot reader ever I met. Me and Prevish wish you all success and stay healthy in your life. Love you a loads, Advika
- Advika, Harrogate, January 2012

Dear Heloisa,
I can’t say enough thank you for your caring and wise advice last month. I’ve been through such a lot of turmoil for the past year, going through losses, disappointment, poor health and emotional break down and finally I’ve met you! Thank God!

After our session I’ve felt so relieved, calm, and again hopeful and positive. Now I can face the world again and know that all will be fine. The best part is that as you said, I could come out of depression and can care for my daughter again – thank your advice and “exercises” you’ve given me.

I look into a brighter future now that I know how to understand it all and trust that by doing your cosmic ordering I can ask for anything and everything, even for a perfect “match” – someone I can trust.
God bless you Heloisa and I’ll talk to you very soon again. Marisha xx, April 1st 2011"

- Marisha, Germany

Hi Heloisa
Just to thank you for your support during a very difficult time. I had lost hope, and I thank you that you brought it back to me. As you said, I’m back to normal, healthy again and full of life – so endlessly grateful. Bless you. Ney x, Florida, March 28th 2011"


Dear Helosia,
After many months of agony and many comforting readings I finally have the relationship I was hoping for so long – he contacted me from Hong Kong exactly in the predicted week! In time he actually confirmed what you were talking about all along, so just wanted to give you this feedback. Thanks again for all the efforts to keep me going and for your caring way. Will see you soon…
Sandra, London, March 11th 2011"

<span>, August 2010</span>

Dear Heloisa
Words can’t express what you have meant to me and all my family. You’re a gifted, loving and giving soul and I am so immensely grateful for having found your website. You’ve been great help to me, and I know you do the same to others and am grateful to my angels who sent me the link to you. I shall call you soon.
Liz, Norfolk, August 2010"

- Liz, Norfolk, August 2010
<span>, June 2010</span>

Hi Heloisa
I came to see you about 8-10 weeks ago, and I’m now, as you’ve predicted in Macau, not in Hong Kong, as I had believed! My job is exactly as you’ve said, much better than I had expected and I’m loving it. I’d never really believed I’d get this offer and cant even understand how you knew it, but thank you for giving me hope and actually the right guidance to tackle the interview that guaranteed my job.
On the romantic front there’s really a guy I have met through work, who’s trying hard to befriend me! I can’t believe all this is happening and according to you, I should embrace it, so will definitely stop being sabotaging my own love life.
Thanks again for all the good love and professional guidance, talk soon.
Bless you, and many regards, Lee, Macau, June, 2010"

- Lee, Macau, June 2010
<span>, February,2010</span>

Hello Helosia
I hope you’re well. I just wanted to wish you Happy Easter and say that all you said unfortunately happened and I find myself in deep sadness, but also know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and all will be just past sorrow. I can’t wait to move back in May when you said the difficult time would be over. I was doubting all of it, as you know, but now I know better and will make sure I follow your guidance.
I wish you good health to continue this good work and will see you soon. Jodie"

- Jodie, Birmingham, February,2010
<span>, February 2010</span>

I’ve had Skype readings with Heloisa since about two years now since she’s been to our company for an event. I’ve also often had her for house parties, and not only she’s always reliable and doesn’t mind working late to accommodate about 15 people every time, everyone gets a lot from her genuinely caring, non-judgemental approach to some life circumstances of friends , who had been previously disrespectfully addressed.
Heloisa’s understanding of people’s situations, feelings, and complete focus on their wellbeing, and amazing accuracy over time are reasons why we always call her back to Blackburn. I’m so amazed how she can predict even daily events that I had thought completely impossible!
If I’m still with my husband now it’s only because she gave me hope in a time when I’d believed all was lost and was going to file for divorce. I was so empowered by Heloisa’s words of wisdom that I can never thank her enough. I can’t believe I could make him really change after her wise advice.
I recommend Heloisa to anyone who needs competent, relevant psychic and spiritual guidance that empowers people to tackle even the most difficult situations.Renee"

- Renee, Blackburn, February 2010
<span>, 2010</span>
Once again I have come away from my session with me feeling amazing, and much clearer and positive, thank you so much:) See you soon, love, Danielle. xx
- Danielle, 2010

<span>, October 29th, 2009</span>

Dear Heloisa,
Thanks again for your nice conversation and advice. It was great pleasure to meet you. Sorry that it was on my last day in Leeds, but at the same time it seems like destiny, to make that decision that we agreed a day before to returning to my old life, which is going to be very different now.
… Carla, thanks for helping me to meet such a great person! All the best, Tina"

- Tina, Georgien, October 29th, 2009
<span>, October 27, 2009</span>

Dear Heloisa
Thanks again for another helpful, uplifting reading and all the good news about a positive outcome of a disastrous moment. All you say always comes true, so will relax and wait. Can’t actually wait, but will do, and will email or text you then when all is over (as I always do when your predictions take place :-D). Thanks for being a great source of peace, and inspiration.
Sending Love and Light, Giulia xx"

- Giulia, Milano, October 27, 2009
<span>, October 26th 2009</span>

Dear Heloisa
Thank you so much for the reading. It made so much sense to me, as deep down some of it I already knew, but it helped to get confirmation, and learning that my instinct is good after all and I should trust it more. Knowing that there will be a successful outcome even if not so soon gives me more confidence to tackle this painful problem. I will act on it and trust your positive prediction it has proved right a few times before I’ll keep you posted.
Love and blessings, Clare"

- Clare, Avignon, October 26th 2009

Heloisa came to read for guests at a charity event that was organised by Skipton Building Society and Homeloan Management. She added that ‘something different’ to our event and we’ve had nothing but praise from members of the general public and participants of the 24 hour event. In a trade that people can be sceptical about her readings were very accurate and great value and many people have said they will see her again for future readings!
Thank you Heloisa for making our day different, fun and one that people will remember for years to come.
Amie Cappa xxx, Skipton Building Society and Home Loan Management, Skypton, October 25th 2009"

<span>, October 6th 2009</span>

Hi Heloisa,
I hope you are well, and I wanted to thank you again for your reading and guidance, and also wanted to give you some feedback. You were right about me doing a different job within the same company. I found it really hard to believe at first because it seemed impossible that this would happen, but the cards were also right about this being a job where I would not use my current skills, so will be trained the coming months! I was offered a complete different role, and will be working in another department, and I am looking forward to it now. Thanks so much for all your help guiding me to be patient, stay there and not to give them notice, which I would have done, and would have lost this big chance. I feel really happy and relieved now and can look positively at my new job and a real new beginning in different ways. I must say it was really worth the trip to Leeds, my biggest thank to you, Heloisa, God bless you, Cath xx
Catherine, London, October 6th 2009

- Catherine, London, October 6th 2009
<span>, October 6th 2009</span>

Dear Heloisa,
Just to give you a bit of feedback on our last card reading session over skype:
I had told you that my fiancee who currently lives abroad would come to Geneva for an exhibition and asked you to read my/our cards. In his cards you saw that this trip would be negative for him and that there would be negative discussions. 2 days after he arrived someone stole his wallet with 4000CHF in it!!! So we had another skype card reading session and you told me he shouldn’t worry as he would get all the money back. I thought that this would be highly unlikely as the money was gone, stolen! but then his employer decided to reimburse him the money so yes, he got all the money back and is happy again 🙂 and so am I. I will definitely arrange for more skype card readings with you as you are not only very professional and accurate but also very flexible in terms of days/timings to do this. Thanks a lot for everything,
Lisa, Geneva, October 6th 2009"

- Lisa, Geneva, October 6th 2009
<span>, August 30th, 2009</span>
"Dear Heloisa

Just a quick note to thank you very much for yesterday, it was fantastic, it was lovely to meet you and everybody thoroughly enjoyed it!
Hopefully see you again soon.
Kind Regards
Joann, Pitman Training, Wetherby, August 30th 2009"

- Joann, Pitman Training, August 30th, 2009

Dear Heloisa,
I can’t believe it, guest what? Do you remember that you said back in July that I was going to meet someone in about a week, and would hear from him again after about four weeks? Well, I did meet him, and then I received an email from him asking for some information about an event that will take place here soon, and he asked whether I want to go with him! All happened as you’ve predicted, and I’m so impressed with your readings, they are so accurate! Anyway, I feel much better, more positive, did all the work on myself as guided by you, and am so very grateful for this amazing change in my life generally and my love life, which is unfolding now. Thank you again!"

<span>, April 9th, 2009</span>

Heloisa’s reading was very accurate and friendly and helped me to realize how to improve things and to stop worrying. I’ll definitely go back, it was accurate and gave me advice I can’t get elsewhere. I found the office hard to find but it has a really nice atmosphere, and I’d definitely recommend Heloisa. Lizzie."

- Lizzie, Leeds, April 9th, 2009
<span>, January 31st, 2009</span>

Hi Heloisa,
i have been to see you every other week since June 08, at first i was thinking lets see and then when i had my first reading you got things so right about me, and what was going to happen then, or going to take place soon, since then every time i have had a reading it has been very detailed and precise. As far as events having taken place or about to take place, this has helped me understand where i am going in this yo yo world of relationships. i had given up you gave me hope and could see things improving which they sure did.
i am very happy with all you have said regarding my situation, at times i have given up ready to walk away then you have said certain events will take place and when they happen i smile, hold on as you can see things improving. at first i never held onto what you had said only when it happened i realised and know you’re blessed with fortune telling, i cannot express in words how accurate and blessed you are.
i have received weekly predictions from you too by email when i have not been able to attend the office, these have been very accurate and helpful as well, preparing me and making me stronger for what is coming up.
thank you for your help and keep up the good work.
best regards,Haider"

- Haider, Bradford, January 31st, 2009
<span>, January 30th 2009</span>

Hi Heloisa,
Thank you so much. The first Numerology reports that you did for me were so accurate that I had to come back. I feel blessed that I have someone like you who can offer me guidance in the journey of life. I will definitely be in touch whenever I have questions.
Thanks again, take care and have a great day!
Yvonne, London, January 30th 2009"

- Yvonne, London, January 30th 2009
<span>, January 22nd 2009</span>

The reading with Heloisa was very accurate, especially my personal life and situation. It was very helpful regarding my relationship and career, and I will especially go back when I should need to know anything specific about the future. I’d certainly recommend Heloisa as it is very reassuring when one is confused about what to do. Knowing about positive feelings and thoughts of someone is very comforting as well. I’d make use of the after-reading service just to make sure things have not changed. Thanks again!
Nyarai, Leeds, January 22nd 2009

- Nyarai, Leeds, January 22nd 2009
<span>, January 20th, 2009</span>

Hi Heloisa
I hope you are well.
I would just like to give you some feedback on a recent reading I had with you. I felt many benefits, the reading was accurate and clear. This in turn helped me find answers to what was going on around me at the time, and It helped me understand the reason why I was stuck in the situation I was. The reading was beneficial as it gave me an insight to my past, present and future. I would also like to add that you were very understanding and had a natural calming effect on me.
Thanks again
Dianne, Leeds, January 20th 2009

- Dianne, Leeds, January 20th, 2009
<span>, January 16th 2009</span>

Heloisa’s readings are VERY ACCURATE and very detailed. I always feel good after the readings and they always give me hope and most of all peace.
That is what I can remember most – the feeling of great satisfaction.
When I first heard that heloisa was done without the use of tarot cards, i was a bit sceptical. I was always introduced to the standard ways of tarot card readings, playing cards seemed to surprise me in more ways than one. The reading that I received was more in depth than the traditional tarot cards, I was able to enquire into other peoples thoughts rather than it being more vague. I was also able to delve into my own thoughts, feelings I couldn’t exactly pinpoint myself, the setting was also relaxing and i was easily at home. I would recommend heloisa to anyone wanted to see into the future and their current personal matters.
I really do want to thank you.
Vasanti, Botswana, January 16th 2009"

- Vasanti, Botswana, January 16th 2009
<span>, January 10th 2009</span>

Heloisa’s readings are one of the most valuable, and eerily accurate that I have found in my travels around the world so far… I would recommend anybody to see her if they can – I miss you very much Heloisa! Will definitely be coming to see you next time im in Leeds 🙂 Thanks again for everything you have shown me! xx
Chryssy, Australia, January 10th 2009"

- Chryssy, Australia, January 10th 2009
<span>, December 23rd 2008</span>

Hi Heloisa
My situation now calmed down, exactly as you said, actually in the week you said it would, but when can I visit you again? He even used the same words you’ve used, amazing. I know you said it wouldn’t change much then, but I havne’t had time to ask about my job as was so worried about other issues.
Sue, Rome, December 23rd 2008"

- Sue, Rome, December 23rd 2008
<span>, October 2008</span>

Dear Heloisa
I’ve been coming to see you for quite some time now and just wanted to thank you here for all the help you’ve been giving me during this difficult time of my life. Things improved as you had said, and although I hadn’t really believed you, I definitely wanted to hold on to that feeling of hope. It has paid off, and we’re having the new beginning that you’ve mentioned. I’ll do my best that this will never be threatened again through my own stubburness, I can’t begin to thank you for opening my eyes. Bless you.
Rina, Hull, October 2008

- Rina, Hull, October 2008
<span>, August 28th 2008</span>

I came to see Heloisa in July 2008. I had a 90 minute card reading and was absolutely astounded by the content and accuracy of the information which came out. I had relationship issues and these all came out in the reading, the upshot was very positive. However today 28.08.08 things turned quite negative and I called Heloisa and she dealt some more cards – again I was told not to worry too much as the outcome was positive. I have been given a timescale of six months for things to settle down so not too long to wait. I have had traditional Tarot Card readings in the past but they have not been as specific as this system and I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone.
Angela, Osset, August 28th 2008"

- Angela, Osset, August 28th 2008

We LOVE Feedback!!

There are lots of more feedback and it’s always very rewarding to hear that clients are getting on well, and, in many cases, feeling a lot better too.

I thank all clients who have taken the time to let me know how they progressed in life.

I’m really very grateful for all your contacts and feedbacks that you sent me and will be publishing more as it will be possible.

Thank you! Heloisa

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This is a message for all my lovely clients/friends!

Following the development of the Covid19 situation, I'm keeping my Psychic/Alternative & Complementary Practice, with a heavy heart, only for Phone & Video consultations and hopefully all will be back to normal soon again.

I'd like to let you know though, that all services I offer, the psychic services, and all therapies, can be done via video without any loss of quality. Obviously it would not be totally personal, but I can assure you that the effectiveness would remain the same.

My warmest and best wishes for continued good health to all and please, take extra care of yourselves when outside. Think about carrying gloves for payments that cannot be made via card and using house keys to press lift buttons etc."

Thank you for your continued support and happy to see you all soon, even if just via vídeo for the foreseeable future :)

Much love,