Sonia D, January 2016

Dear Heloisa,Thank you for sending me some images of your new pending website. I’m writing to give you a testimonial for your new site, I’ve never done it before, but now I feel like I really MUST! Your website looks so fantastic and all offers are shown graphically so clearly and vividly and I totally and utterly love it!I’ve been coming to you since about 10 years now and have probably booked and benefitted from all of your different services many times as they were much needed in my past.I count you to the biggest blessing in my life especially during the years of upheavals and you were always a source of strength, and empowerment for me. I truly don’t know where I’d be today without your presence and help.My children saw me change from the frightened, reserved and constantly worried mum into a strong and confident person who managed to let go of my fears of abandonment, lack of security and self-esteem to become a happy woman who now loves and enjoys her life, children and even my caring husband who I allowed to control and abuse me for many years.The biggest achievement for me was to transform not only mine, but all our lives to the better without losing one another and after years of abuse and humiliation now to have a loving man who in time has understood and respected the change in me and accepted a new beginning without control and even aggression.A very hard lesson that cost me a lot of tears and strength and I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for the person I am now and for the life that I can look forward to now.Also my husband is thankful for the insight into his life. I’ll continue to book very now and again just to prepare myself for my fate and know about what is in store for me so I can again prevent things from really happening and with the preventive healing therapies as they’ve always helped me go through anything and everything in the past, also my demanding job.By the way I did get that dream job I asked you about the last time I saw you. Like every time you were again so right and they actually offered me the position exactly with the words you’ve used about my background and life experiences.Thank you is not enough so God bless you every day and take care and keep your sanity for all other people who will come needing your caring services. xxxx Sonia, 27/01/16

About Author


Heloisa is a longstanding Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Reader since she was 17 years of age and works professionally advising people from all walks of life very successfully since 2006 also globally via video. Heloisa has been certified and works as a Complementary Medicine Therapist with different Natural Therapy Techniques for the last 15 years and helps people address, clarify, and resolve their consciously perceived, or also unconscious issues from an unknown source. She engaged herself in unfolding open issues, and helping people discover long suppressed life experiences. Combining her research and qualified expertise from 15 years of experience with a few different therapeutic techniques to access, address and resolve any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, Heloisa offers her warm, caring, and non-judgemental wisdom to help people help themselves out of any difficult or sombre moment of their lives. With her grounded and calming focus, Heloisa also assists help seeking clients with powerful tools to help them liberate themselves from unwanted problems, habits or addictions. Using the most soothing, yet powerful available natural therapy techniques available to humankind, after the very first session, most feelings of disorientation, helplessness, depression, isolation, lack of self-esteem, self-confidence, or trust, etc., dissipate, giving the clients the positivity and confidence that they are on the right path of healing. She's a deeply caring professional who believes that there's no limits to what a human being is capable of doing to heal provided the right tools and is very happy to have some of those powerful keys and the knowledge to facilitate this healing experience. "I am completely passionate about my work because everyday I'm given that incredible look of inner peace, contentment and deep gratefulness from my clients."

Services after Covid-19

Dear Clients and Friends,

Heloisa continues to seeing you in person, and welcomes each one of you very warmly!

According to the latest rules for Covid-19, there's now no pressure to scan the QR code for the NHS tracing app. I can reassure you, though, that there are all the preventive care in place in the home practice to keep all always safe.

In order to keep all clients safe, I wear a mask, but you don't need to wear one, and I do hope that this will be okay with you all :)

Hope you are all well and see you soon!
Best regards

Local Covid-19 isolation support advice
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