Reiki Energy and Intuitive Healing Courses

Reiki Energy and Intuitive Healing Courses

Reiki Energy and Intuitive Healing Courses

Reiki is pure white, universal light energy which flows from the hands of a Reiki practitioner. It has many health benefits on all of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. It is known to release harmful blockages in the chakras, creating less stress and more well-being.

Although many miraculous cases of the disappearance of diseases have occurred with Reiki, it is most highly recognized as a complementary medicine and excellent for reducing side effects of medical treatment.

Reiki is an energy healing art and holistic medical practice that has been recognized by the UN Health as a complementary and alternative medicine.

  • In Australia, it is presently a treatment covered by health benefits of over 30 insurance companies.
  • In other countries in Europe this procedure has also started and many health insurances in Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, etc have taken Reiki treatments into their policies.
  • In South America Reiki is part of many different health insurances.
  • It is now used at many hospitals in Portugal, also in England in hospitals as free of charge for cancer patients.
  • Also in hospice centres for reducing side effects of chemotherapy and medical treatments… READ MORE…

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2 thoughts on “Reiki Energy and Intuitive Healing Courses”

  1. Helouisa, I had just one healing session with you and you changed my way of thinking and living my life. It took me a while but I am now very happy and have always wanted to say thank you Xx

    1. Hi Lesley, thank you so much for taking the time to give me your feedback and it’s so rewarding! So grateful for your sharing it with me too! 🙂 and really happy to have had such a positive contribution to your feeling happier in your life. Bless you and your entire future, love, Heloisa

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Services after Covid-19

A message to all my lovely clients/friends!

Due to the Covid19 new comprehensive regulations for therapies, and also from Leeds City Council, I'm keeping my Psychic Work and Alternative & Complementary Practice exclusively for Phone & Video consultations for all services until further notice only to ensure that all clients are completely safe in their own home and am really sorry about possibly causing you inconvenience!

All services I offer, the psychic services, and all therapies, apart from Hypnotherapy, can be done via video without any loss of quality, or efficacy. It would not be totally personal, but I can assure you that its effectiveness remains the same.

My warmest wishes for continued good health to all and happy to see you safely in person again, also via video in the hopefully near future.

Much love and take care.
Heloisa xx

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