Reiki Energy And Intuitive Healing Courses

Reiki Energy and Intuitive Healing Courses

Reiki is pure white, universal light energy which flows from the hands of a Reiki practitioner. It has many health benefits on all of the physical, 
emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. It is known to release harmful blockages in the chakras, creating less stress and more well-being.

Although many miraculous cases of the disappearance of diseases have occurred with Reiki, it is most highly recognized as a complementary medicine and excellent for reducing side effects of medical treatment.

Reiki is an energy healing art and holistic medical practice that has been recognized by the UN Health as a complementary and alternative medicine.

  • In Australia, it is presently a treatment covered by health benefits of over 30 insurance companies.
  • In other countries in Europe this procedure has also started and many health insurances in Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, etc have taken Reiki treatments into their policies.
  • In South America Reiki is part of many different health insurances.
  • It is now used at many hospitals in Portugal, also in England in hospitals as free of charge for cancer patients.
  • Also in hospice centres for reducing side effects of chemotherapy and medical treatments.

Reiki is a proven technique.

Doctors in Taiwan have proven the effectiveness of Reiki using an instrument that measures energy called the 3-D MRA. They have shown that every organ in the body receives a 15% detoxification from a onehour Reiki treatment, which is the optimum percentage – any more detox than 15% would be too drastic.

Reiki is a technique for activating and restoring the life-force energy within and around the body. Reiki is a consistent method for relieving and reducing stress, tension and hypertension. It releases the congested energy produced in day to day activities in a pleasant gentle manner, preventing the deepening of tension in the body and mind. Tension and hypertension are associated with disease, illness and crisis.

Reiki is not only the transmission of energy but also the transference of knowledge. The transmission is done by means of invocation, but the transference is made by the Master’s own knowledge of the Divine and Universal Law and by their ability to be deeply connected to the Reiki within them when the initiation takes place. The better and more energy the Master Teacher, the better energy and connection the student will get too.

This is a reason to choose your teacher very wisely.

Another reason is the energy that the Master teacher has access to as it depends on what level of energy he/she was given by their teachers, how many people were treated and what illnesses were treated too as the guides add themselves to the practitioner according to their needs. So, practitioners increase their energy levels and ability to heal different illnesses by getting different guides for the different illnesses they treat.

For the initiation process of a student into the Usui Mikao Reiki Healing technique, preparation of the Master is as essential as is the student’s. The technique for transmission of energy involves the Usui symbols to call forth and activate the various levels of consciousness to which they pertain. Symbols are keys to unlock energy of a particular vibration that is utilized in a specific way, enabling the Reiki supply to be accessed or channelled.

Having said that, the attunements and the Reiki energies have evolved a lot since Mikao’s time. Since some years now, many Reiki Teachers have evolved to offering attunements by intention too, without the symbols or  both so that the students can get into the Reiki Associations or Insurances that still require those procedures. This is what I personally do.

It has been proven that performing Reiki on yourself strengthens the immune system

Reiki energy is available for the rest of your life once you are attuned correctly to access the Reiki energy by a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher.

I personally, travelled to Thailand to pursue the best complete Reiki Training available including the guarantee of highest energy levels after the powerful attunements given.

I must say I had many treatments with many different therapists at the time and never had felt this level of energy before.

These attunements expand your chakras and your auras so that all your senses are significantly physically expanded and heightened.

Why You Should  Choose Your Reiki Teacher Well

  • The attunements of a teacher reflect his/her own development in energy levels after having performed the highest number of treatments possible on different clients with different ailments.
  • Also the Reiki Master Teacher should make a comprehensive reference manual that includes their own perceptions and healing experiences with their clients available to all.
  • The Teacher should preferably offer a facility for their students to practise on people in need.
  • The Teacher should also be happy to share all knowledge without restrictions as there’s space and need for all healers in our world.

Many Reiki schools disregard the need of practising on at least ten clients after the Reiki level I and evolving spiritually and energetically about two months to be able to receive, assimilate, or aggregate and accommodate the high energies of the level II.

They actually teach Reiki Level I and II, and some of them even Reiki III in just one weekend and many teachers offer even “distance attunements” over the Internet for all levels at once.

While distant attunements can be given, the chakras that have not yet expanded their energies and size through healing of many different people, will not be able to augment much the energy captured and stored the same way someone will when they have practised a lot on others and increased the amount of energy they can handle and store, and expanded their chakras a lot more.

Between Reiki II and III there should be a hands-on practice on at least 30 clients and an evolvement time of six months so that your attuned chakras can embrace and accommodate the strong Reiki Level III attunements.

To become a master of the Reiki energy and have optimal self-growth, a prerequisite to be a Reiki Healer with integrity, investing time and training is a paramount. It’s a gratifying and very rewarding spiritual journey, one of the most valuable and rich experiences one can have in life.

The whole experience – the high energy level attunements are so invaluable that I make this opportunity available to anyone who is interested in personally developing spiritually, or also for career purposes at a later stage.

Whether for personal or professional purposes, this is the dream state of mind that anyone would like to get quickly into and doesn’t always find the right path.

From personal experience, I can say that you will significantly grow in the shortest time possible. The possibilities are endless and really promising career wise as well as it fills you with an incredible self-confidence that is worth any time and each penny invested.

What I offer to all Reiki Energy Healing Students

The healing program of my three-level energy course (four if you want to teach it too) contains all the information you need in the manual and during the course to effectively:

  • Heal yourself, plants, animals, family, relatives, friends, and clients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Remove energetic blockages. Improve absorption of energy of the immune system and heal many health issues related to it. How to handle and heal minor, major, and severe or terminal health problems.
  • How to permanently eliminate bad habits or patterns and negative thought patterns that influence your life without adverse side effects or the use of drugs, herbs or supplements for yourself and others.
  • Also, you’ll be energetically stimulated, your chakras or energy centres activated and expanded to receive and store more energy from the universe so you can heal yourself at will and other too.
  • You’ll also know how to activate your energy centres yourself to be more receptive and receive reliable and accurate information, especially messages about yourself and clients.
  • Last, but not least, I also offer monthly (sometimes more regularly) Reiki Share and Practice with existent clients in need of energy healing.

Among Other Benefits and Advantages, You’ll Learn:

⦁ How to de-program your negative thought patterns and emotions, replacing them with positive ones within a holographic image (visualisation, feelings and everything else that your system might be experiencing at any given point) – and that, very quickly!
⦁ Which organs in the body you should NOT energize directly – and how to treat and heal imbalances in them safely.
⦁ How to become sensitized to energy fields, to have them activated and learn to feel or even see them, their shape, size and outline.
⦁ Why it is better not to heal in some cases and in certain conditions and specific times.
⦁ How to use energy healing on pets and other animals.
⦁ The best way to remove blockages or barriers to healing.
⦁ The right steps and progression that should occur during a healing session – and why the wrong steps or timescale can cause more harm than good.
⦁ When clients unconsciously don’t want to get well – and what you can do about it.
⦁ How to physically manifest your thoughts and intentions into reality and create the life you desire for yourself and others as family and friends.
⦁ Why laughter truly is the greatest virtue for your health and wellbeing!
⦁ How to dispose of the negative or diseased energies and imbalances that you remove fro clients – and how to keep them from being re-absorbed by the client or even re-created!
⦁ How to heal most minor, moderate and ongoing problems – and what to do with clients who have severe health problems or terminal illnesses.
⦁ When and how it is appropriate to refer the client out to a doctor or other health care professional.
⦁ How to improve both your relationships and your financial outlook or situation and start manifesting your dream life that will fulfil you more.
⦁ How to assess your client’s energy fields and issues within the mind, body, and spirit, and decipher how imbalances can be detected and interpreted by your senses.
⦁ How to prepare yourself to ask for, receive and embrace Divine guidance, messages and knowledge and to keep yourself open to all that will come in.
⦁ How to ensure you understand those messages and can pass them on with confidence.
⦁ The type of client you should NOT heal.
⦁ The four types of imbalances you will encounter, and the best ways to treat them.
⦁ What and how to tell your clients about their issues.
⦁ Which chakras and parts of your body are related to, and responsible for repelling germs, negative energy, allergies, etc and how to revitalise and strengthen them.
⦁ Which organs are related to what emotions so you can understand your own and your clients’ health issues and conditions better and give them appropriate advice.
⦁ How energy can leak out of your physical body and how to repair weak spots and holes in yours, and your clients’ auric fields.
⦁ How to detect, remove, and transcend souls and/or other entities that have entered your auric field or your body.
⦁ How to perform distance healing, and how distance or proximity affects healing.
⦁ The best practice on how to communicate your findings to your clients and how they’ll learn to respect and appreciate your work also via the distance and have their recurrent custom.
⦁ How to know when, and how often to heal based on the type and severity of the illness.
⦁ How to re-integrate your client’s energy and wellbeing after the healing session so that your work is assimilated, sealed appropriately, and cleansed from all matter that come out of their system.
⦁ How to prevent illness before it starts and making sure you have the right outlook to life both at work and at home to keep those problems from occurring.
⦁ What and why the therapist’s preparations should take place before starting to work on a client.
⦁ Why it is important your client knows about them.
⦁ How to know whether energy healing is a religious practice and what to tell and show your clients.
⦁ How to ask for Divine assistance when healing, and when to use Divine guidance regardless of your own personal belief system.
⦁ How not to get drained when doing healing and becoming stimulated and energized.
⦁ How to detect if you and/or your client have an umbilical cord to a past life that needs to be addressed and if it can be removed.
⦁ How to detect past life issues like inexplicable infertility, physical pain, recurrent emotional upheavals, etc.
⦁ How to heal past life issues in one session.
⦁ And so much more as this will be only the beginning of your life personal, professional and spiritual journey that will have a significant shift of perception experience and approach that will benefit you and your clients immensely.

Services after Covid-19

A message to all my lovely clients/friends!

Due to the Covid19 new comprehensive regulations for therapies, and also from Leeds City Council, I'm keeping my Psychic Work and Alternative & Complementary Practice exclusively for Phone & Video consultations for all services until further notice only to ensure that all clients are completely safe in their own home and am really sorry about possibly causing you inconvenience!

All services I offer, the psychic services, and all therapies, apart from Hypnotherapy, can be done via video without any loss of quality, or efficacy. It would not be totally personal, but I can assure you that its effectiveness remains the same.

My warmest wishes for continued good health to all and happy to see you safely in person again, also via video in the hopefully near future.

Much love and take care.
Heloisa xx

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