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FAQ is an acronym that stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.”

You can book it either yourself via my website, and make advanced payment via debit/credit card it, or via text, or email through me, and call me at the booked time via phone.


At the moment I do Video readings preferably via:



Zoom – as it is the least complicated system for online video, A link to a
virtual room is sent with every email confirmation for a Zoom meeting.


You’ll need to download it prior to your consultation and I’ll be
waiting for you online at the agreed time. You then just need to click
on the link and you’ll be immmediately connected with me.




If it doesn’t work for you, I can also offer Skype consultations, where you’d need to send me your username prior to the consultation time. You;d also need to download it first, and enter an email address and a  password and call me at the agreed time. Note that all clients callll me at the arranged time as I am always online waiting for them to be available wthout being intrusive in case you’re at wor, or somebody is at your hoem or so.


I can also offer consultations via  WhatsApp in case the others don’t work for you,


Note that WhatsApp is not an ideal solution as people might see you online and would potentially start calling or textiing you and this would disrupt your consultation.

Yes, I do, and the payment can be done either via the booking itself, the confirmation email, via Bank transfer or also via the phone and debit/credit card through the secure Stripe App. PLease read the previosu note.


I do psychic readings to help people situate themselves in life, to get a clear vision of all alternatives and possibilities, so that they can make an informed decision for their lives. I try to cater for various needs. You can have a detailed investigation into your personal, emotional, or professional life including various outcomes according to different choices. Prognosis for days, months and years. Competent guidance to come out of a pattern or how to handle things now the best way to have the desired outcome. General future concerning all areas needed including relationship or career. All questions answered about any area of your life.

It depends on the psychics themselves and on the medium. An evolved psychic can get information from her intuition, but also from the Akashik Records. The more spiritually evolved, the deeper the layer of the Akashik Records will be accessed. Usually this comes through longstanding meditation and conscious self-work. A medium, on the other hand, connects to spirits, usually from people who have passed away and want contact to their loved ones still on Earth. So a medium gets information from that particular soul, sometimes from others, but still, from souls that are not alive anymore, and they have their own maturity or evolvement, the information does not come from the Akashic Records. It might happen that a medium is also a psychic, but this is not always the case.

Yes, they are very welcome.

I am in tune with the client, and get all information intuitively, via the cards. When passing on messages, I ask the loved ones to give them to me and this is via their feelings that come to me and I feel the answers more than just reading the cards.

Usually about one hour, but sometimes the very first full reading takes between 60 and 90 minutes. You can choose from many lengths of time, according to your own need. I read from 15 min for events or some questions to many hours if it is a business reading.

I am a medium for healing purposes only and don’t contact departed ones for evidential readings, I can offer messages through the cards, but do not provide a full evidential reading. As a hypnotherapist, however, I can offer you a hypnosis session where you contact, and see your departed one yourself, and receive a healing therapy in relation to it as a bereavement help and comfort.

Yes. You need to send me a photograph of the house, outside, inside, all rooms, and from yourself.

Yes, I offer many different holistic healing therapies: Hypnotherapy, Siam Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), FTT (Fast Track Techniques with magnet) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming.) They can be found at the top of the website, or the top menu, which links to my healing website. I also offer full spiritual guidance.

Yes. I teach healing and psychic courses too. Please feel free to browse this website or to ask for details.

 Yes, many, including healing workshops, card reading, guided healing meditations, cosmic ordering workshops and others.

Services after Covid-19

Dear Clients,
Heloisa is back to seeing you in person again and welcomes each one of you very warmly!

Due to Covid-19, you will stilll need to come with a mask, and there are all the  preventive care in place in the home practice to keep all always safe.

So your temperature will be mesured as well as you will need to scan the QR code for the NHS tracing app too.

Hope you are all well and see you soon!
Best regards

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