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Advanced Awareness and Theta Healing State of Mind

Advanced Awareness and Theta Healing State of Mind


Developing Psychic Awareness Meditation Course – (Full days course)

3-day Progressive Meditation Course
Course Contents:

• Different levels of consciousness.
• How to reach the Theta range of consciousness.
• Establish personal goals and manifest them.
• Identify the difference between animate and inanimate objects.
• Identify intelligent animate objects.
• How to project intelligence and retrieve information.
• How to use clairvoyance.
• How to use telepathic abilities.
• How to communicate with other energies.

This course is more effective after the Reiki Course Level II as it’s easier to get telepathic and clairvoyant information.

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Learn how to harness and augment your psychic abilities and how to reach and stay in the Theta state of mind in seconds!

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