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In compliance with the law you are advised that my psychic consultations, or other spiritual services are for entertainment only, they are not experimentally proven, and do not replace any eventually needed financial, legal, clinical or psychological professional advice.

Discounts Offered

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Fees for all Video/Phone Psychic Readings

All Charged for the Length of Readings
Time in min/
PurposeRegular Fee
Discounted Fee
120 min/2 hPopular for complex issues
and business purposes
15 min/0,15 minFor follow-up questions only.£20N.A.
30 min/1/2 hHouse Parties or short readings£30N.A.
60 min/1 hMost popular reading£40£34
90 min/1 1/2 hPopular when more complex
or first readings


Fees for all Video/Phone Complementary Therapies

EFT, Magnet, Infinity & Reiki
TherapyRegular Fee
15% Discounted Fee via Skype
1 hourAny Mixed Therapies£60£51
1 hourReiki Energy Therapy with attunements for more strength and healing for
better wellbeing for depression, unwanted patterns, etc.
1 hourEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)£60£51
1 hourIntuitive Magnet Crystal Therapy£60£51
1 hourInfinity Therapy£60£51
1 hourInner Child Energy
Healing & Activation of relevant Chakras
1 hourAbundance & Energy Boost
Activation of relevant Chakras



Fees for Workshops

Combined Holistic Therapies
Healing WorkshopsRegular Fee
4-Hour Inner Child Combined Therapy Group Healing£79
4-Hour Combined Therapies Group Healing Program£79


Fees for Holistic Courses

Embrace the Miracles
Holistic CoursesRegular Fee
Early Bird Fee
Advanced Psychic Card Reading Course£190£170
Reiki Level I£150£130
Reiki Level II
Practitioner Level
Reiki Level III
Master Level
Reiki Level IV
Teacher Level
Please ask for details.
Intuitive Magnet Crystal Healing£150£130
Aura Seeing & Diagnosis£150£130
Pendulum Diagnosis£150£130
Crystal Healing£150£130
Four-Week Mindfulness Group Meditation£20N.A.
Seven-Week Group Meditation on Chakras Seeing and Stimulating with Magnetic Seeds£70N.A.
Psychic Card Reading Course for Beginners£170£150
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