Psychic Work & Complementary Medicine Therapies

Fast Track Training

In this one day training you learn:

  1. How to access your subconscious mind and the subconscious mind of others through muscle testing or surrogate work.
  2. How to discover what emotions are trapped, when they became trapped and if there is someone else involved.
  3. How to release these emotions creating quick and permanent change.
  4. Discover that many emotions can be inherited from parents, while in the womb and also from past lives and learn how to confidently release these negative vibrations from the body thereby creating permanent change.
  5. How to use this technique remotely so you can help people who are not able to be present.
  6. How to be surrogate for another person who is either too young, ill or not able to be present.
  7. How to release your Heart Wall and increase abundance, love, creativity and flow..
  8. How to re-program your sub-conscious mind with what you consciously want and start getting immediate results.
  9. How to increase your vibration of abundance, wealth and success.
  10. How to increase the function of your immune system.
  11. And much more…