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EFT in the News

First for Women: The Tapping Technique:
Research at Harvard Medical School Reveals a Revolutionary Approach to Conquering Stress, Depression, and More…


O: The Oprah Magazine: Psychological Acupuncture


The Times: Move Over Freud Energy Therapies May Be Just As Effective



The Telegraph: Tapping Therapy: Curing Physical and Mental Problems


Washington Post: Years Later, Healing the Wounds of a Stepfather’s Abuse


Channel 10 TV News Australia: EFT Food Cravings Study Successful


CBS-TV Miami: Tapping Away Anxiety & Stress


WPRI: Tapping Therapy May Relieve Anxiety


Associated Press/Arizona Star: Tapping Method Touted to Treat PTSD


Channel 5 Live UK: EFT for a Spider Phobia


CommonHealth: Therapy Used for Trauma, Chronic Pain Snubbed by Establishment


The Edinburgh Evening News: Tapping Into the Latest Method of Healing



Press Telegram: Holistic Methods Offer Alternative Approach for Some Allergy Sufferers


Clinical EFT Research

Incorporating Acupoint Stimulation into PTSD Treatment Protocols

EFT with Veterans and Active Military

EFT in PTSD Treatment: Clinical Implications

Few EFT Sessions Are Needed to Reduce PTSD

Improvements Are Substantial and Lasting

Minimal Training Is Needed to Use EFT

EFT Is Effective in Both Individual and Group Sessions

EFT Is Safe with a Low Risk of Adverse Events

EFT Can Remediate Both Psychologic and Physiologic Symptoms

EFT Can Be Delivered via Electronic Communication Media

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Resiliency in Veterans at Risk for PTSD: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

The Manual Stimulation of Acupuncture Points in the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Review of Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques

Naturally Thin You: Weight Loss and Psychological Symptoms After a Six-Week Online Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Course.

The Effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Meta-Analysis.

Epigenetic Effects of PTSD Remediation in Veterans Using Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study.

Reductions in pain, depression, and anxiety symptoms after PTSD remediation in veterans.

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This is a message for all my lovely clients/friends!

Following the development of the Covid19 situation, I'm keeping my Psychic/Alternative & Complementary Practice, with a heavy heart, only for Phone & Video consultations and hopefully all will be back to normal soon again.

I'd like to let you know though, that all services I offer, the psychic services, and all therapies, can be done via video without any loss of quality. Obviously it would not be totally personal, but I can assure you that the effectiveness would remain the same.

My warmest and best wishes for continued good health to all and please, take extra care of yourselves when outside. Think about carrying gloves for payments that cannot be made via card and using house keys to press lift buttons etc."

Thank you for your continued support and happy to see you all soon, even if just via vídeo for the foreseeable future :)

Much love,