Psychic Work & Complementary Therapies

Fees Structure and discounts

Psychic Readings or Consultations & Spiritual Guidance


In compliance with the law you are advised that my psychic consultations, or other spiritual services are for entertainment only, they are not experimentally proven, and do not replace any eventually needed financial, legal, clinical or psychological professional advice.

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Min. Hour
Purpose  Fee
10 min  0,10 min
Questions or as deposit £10
15 min  1/4 h
Events or questions £20
30 min  1/2 h
House Parties* or short reading £25
60 min  1 h
Most popular reading £35
90 min  1 1/2 h
Popular when more complex or first readings £55
120 min  2 h
Popular for complex issues and business purposes £65
150 min  2 1/2 h
Popular for complex issues business purposes £80
180 min  3 h
Popular for business purposes £85
210 min  3 1/2 h
Popular for business purposes £100
240 min  4 h
Popular for business purposes £115

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Discounts Offered

Heloisa offers the following discounts:

  • 10% for making your own appointment with advanced payment on the above button or directly on
  • £5 discount that can be paid in cash or debit/credit card.
    • students
    • over 60’s
    • two or more friends having consecutive readings
    • disabled people.